12 thoughts on ““No Matter What It Takes; I’m Going To [Defend Israel]”

  1. galen, I saw this earlier today and just shook my head at his ignorance & the fact that he’s being used and doesn’t even know it.

    1. Propaganda from a paid token. This fella from Africa does realize that the Israelis deported all the African refugees from Israel so that they wouldn’t corrupt and dirty their Israeli culture. Build your f-king army, token, and prepare to face the world that has become more than aware of the low life scourge the Zionist Jews represent. They have made misery for all the peoples of the world, and those who defend these monsters will lose. This does show the desperation the Israelis are experiencing. Paid propaganda is expensive. This is an ad campaign that will not work and no doubt the people of America are paying for it. Too late, the truth has been unleashed.

    1. Hmmmm…I posted a similar Desmond Dekker video around the time of that Jersey City “Black Hebrew Israelite” shooting at the Kosher market…

  2. And thank God for that! (The truth being unleashed, that is) And you, Henry! And more and more and more are unleashing it…

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