No One Applauds This Woman Because They’re Too Creeped Out At Themselves To Put Their Hands Together

Kate Miles PictureUp Worthy – by Joseph Lamour

This is a fascinating video, I have to admit. Pay special attention to how people react to the speaker.

The speaker in this video is actually an actress named Kate Miles, but the facts about produce and its marketing are 100% real. The audience is also real, and thus the looks of disgust are totally real too.

She opens with:  

“I’m going to give you some of the secrets about how we make you buy what we want you to buy. So, as a marketer, when I’m first given a project, what’s my job? Well, my job is to make you want it, to crave it, to need it, to think that it is the best innovation in food since sliced bread.”

It starts getting creepy from there. The reality behind food marketing is pretty damn eye-opening.

“So how do you make the public feel OK with this? How does that happen? My job. How do I do it? I use the language of innovation.”

I don’t think I’d call this the language of innovation. What about you?

16 thoughts on “No One Applauds This Woman Because They’re Too Creeped Out At Themselves To Put Their Hands Together

          1. Nope. Lucky on that end. However, we are in the negative (wind chill) temps., high winds, and snow is expected. Nothing like what they’ve gotten, or are getting.

  1. Good work, Angel…now all those disgusted folks need to cut the crap and (along with the rest of us) boycott or stop buying super market meat, which likely 100 percent comes from factory farms. Only way to end factory farming and GMOs is to stop eating this crap. When Monsatan or Tyson Chicken or ConAgra loses profit out the wazzoo, they will be forced to reconsider poisoning us AND God’s farm creatures!

  2. could remake it with a few changes. replace the animals with humans. The advertisement becomes the media. No need to change the string pullers as they remain the same.

  3. That woman’s an amateur, and she’s barely scratching the surface as far as devious marketing practices are concerned, but she’s certainly is a vile enough bitch anyway.

    What’s most revealing is the arrogant attitude. Are you understanding what these corporate executives think of you? You’re not human, and you don’t matter. You’re just a sucker who needs to be fleeced by buying one of their shitty products. If you leave enough of their garbage on the store shelves instead of taking it home, that wretched woman would be digging her next meal out of a trash bin instead of living in a luxury mansion.

  4. I note the one main point she makes that we all will recognize as the main obstacle we encounter when we try to wake up the sheeple: “The power of willful ignorance can not be overstated”.
    Look up “Cognitive Dissonance”.

    No King but King Jesus!

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