No One in Arizona Could Write this Story and Live

Arizona’s Cochise County Sheriff: DEVER’s Elimination Psychopaths have NO compunction to Homicide? Just the Facts! Sent in by Chris near Las Vegas

Veterans Today  America, Downsized, Criminalized and “Blue Gang” Controlled

This is a story we don’t see enough of, a law enforcement officer going after criminals, or at least the ones he is “allowed” to go after.  The story you will be seeing here, from Fox News, tells a story and yet doesn’t tell a story. 

Why are the “Johns” arrested and not the nationwide crime ring controlling them.  This story is just a small part of what we will be talking about today:

Last week, Sheriff Arpiao arrested 51 Backpage clients:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County sheriff’s office arrested 51 suspects involved in a drug and prostitution investigation started months ago. 
An undercover drug operation morphed into a large scale prostitution bust, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said.

The suspects were arrested for various crimes such as prostitution, drug possession, identity theft, weapons charges and attempted murder.

Detectives were watching the Inn Suites Hotel in Guadalupe for alleged marijuana trafficking when they realized the hotel was being used for an even larger prostitution ring, Arpaio said. The management and owners were unaware the ring was going on, according to detectives.

Detectives launched an investigation after they confronted a hotel guest who admitted he had just visited a prostitute in one of the rooms. 
He found her information from, an Internet website owned and operated by the Phoenix-based Village Voice Media group, police said. Village Voice Media publishes 17 alternative newspapers across the country, including the New Times in Phoenix.

According to detectives, almost every connection between prostitute and customer came from advertisements for “escort services” in 
Undercover detectives contacted the women through the site and arranged to meet them at a number of hotels along on the I-10 Baseline Road corridor. When money was requested for sex, detectives arrested the suspects.

At least 50 cases in 22 states have launched investigations tying Village Voice Media to illegal sex trade businesses.


The investigation that seem to never go anywhere

There is an odd dynamic up in Phoenix.  Sheriff Joe Arpiao, a close friend of a co-worker, has been trying for years to get the owners and staff of “Village Voice Media” and the “Backpage” arrested for their part in running child prostitution rings in 16 cities, particularly Phoenix.

He has arrested the owners, faced lawsuits from their powerful backers and come against two powerful groups, one Mormon and the other we will call “Israeli/American” in his efforts to end human trafficking in his area.

In fact, anyone who opposed what is a chain of “shopping guides” that openly advertises children for sexual purposes is harassed by federal law enforcement or labeled “anti-semitic” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

We have reliable information that the VVM and Backpage staff are federal informants though nothing they do leads to arrests but only protection from prosecution.


What if I were to tell you that highly authoritative experts believe the State of Arizona is largely under the control of Mexican drug lords and organized crime?  Who do I ask?  We have a former candidate for governor on staff, retired intelligence officers, retired very senior FBI along with broad access to those public servants who will talk privately though most live in fear.

A week ago, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Deaver died in a “one car accident” while on an empty road.  He was heading out on a hunting trip, planning to meet with his son.  His 2008 4 wheel drive Dodge pickup truck ran off an empty dirt road and he was killed.  We know different.  This was an assassination using a commonly known tactic called “Boston brakes.”  Look it up on your computer, it makes for very good reading.

From the Examiner:

There are concerns about a compromised DoJ

In September 2011, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a warning to local law enforcement agencies throughout Arizona, informing them that they were being targeted by the powerful and violent Mexican drug cartels.

The DOJ’s 2011 Drug Market Analysis for Arizona stated the cartels “have begun to threaten local police officers to deter their enforcement activities. Violent criminal groups often referred to as border bandits, rip crews, or bajadores, operate along trafficking corridors in remote locations, preying upon law enforcement officers and smugglers who transit their territories.”

The report also detailed the expanded use by the cartels of street gangs in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Local gangs such as Brown Pride distribute methamphetamine, marijuana and heroin at the street level in Tucson, while the New Mexican Mafia controls such sales in Phoenix.

Of course, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever was killed on Tuesday evening, in a single vehicle crash while on his way to join his sons on a hunting trip near White Horse Lake in Coconino County.

According to a Coconino County Sheriff’s Office press release, an unidentified driver was actually following Sheriff Deaver on a desolate stretch of Forest Service Road 109, but lost sight of his 4-wheel-drive 2008 Chevrolet pickup for a brief period.

Then, the driver “saw what appeared to be a cloud of dust, and as he came closer he learned that the vehicle had rolled over and was resting on its wheels.”

The witness told 911 operators: “he did not detect any signs of life from the single occupant of the vehicle.”

The case remains under investigation, and as of Friday afternoon, Coconino County Medical Examiner, Trish Lee had not yet released Deaver’s autopsy report.


Sheriff Larry Deaver

Deaver was killed because he was the last “holdout” against the Mexican cartels.  Sheriff Joe Arpiao had been fought to a standstill, he and others, their efforts thwarted, oddly, by the US government, endless lawsuits, corruption charges.

If they simply took the money and kept their mouths shut like many federal law enforcement officials and the rest of the state, they would live in peace.  Some have chosen that course, others have totally joined the wrong side.

Most politicians are in “their pockets” already and have been for some time.

The idea of Deaver’s murder not being an accident isn’t a wild conspiracy theory.  The vast majority of his constituents, most of whom either loved or respected him, all agree he was assassinated yet feel helpless as to what they can do about it.

You see, being an “honest cop” is almost impossible in America.  Once “they” buy their way in, and they have the money and power to buy “in” anywhere, anytime, you have a choice.  You can either take the envelope left in your locker or risk having your home burned or your children arrested for drug possession or worse.

You are likely to be killed.


There was a second assassination in Arizona a few short weeks ago.  A candidate for Pinal County Sheriff named J. T. Ready supposedly killed his family and then himself.  An 18 year old stepdaughter was “hiding under the bed” but, for some


curious reason, she has not been seen since, no public statements, no photographs, as though aliens had sucked her off the planet.Ready became nationally known for showing up at a Phoenix “Occupy” rally indicating he was ready to use force if police continued their violent attack on peaceful demonstrators.

He was in the uniform of the US Border Guards, a private organization, and armed to the teeth.

Ready had, over the period afterward, met with FBI officials who recommended he seek public office, rather than operate privately, and sought to establish relationships with local police, in Gilbert, Arizona and across the county.

Despite news reports based on information released to the police, this is what we have gathered about his killing:

Ready was being followed by local police while out on an errand.  Two local police, reputedly his “friends,” showed up at the home to wait for him. 

Police then executed Ready’s girlfriend, her older daughter, her boyfriend, one younger child while another child was hiding under the bed.

Had the killings been done by Ready, no child would have been under the bed nor would the execution style killings, typical cartel shootings, have been the method used.  This was a carefully ordered “hit.”

Ready then returned home and while talking on his mobile phone, was gunned down in a hail of fire.  No shots were fired from the two weapons he carried.

Unnamed suspects fled the house and left in two black cars.  No one has said they are unmarked police cars.


Who will fight for J. T. Ready?

It is a very simple assumption that if one were to trace the personal mobile phone use of local police on and off duty in the region, one would find that the killings were coordinated, not on “throw away phones” but on active and very traceable accounts tied to phones with GPS devices.

We have a ten year history on Ready, a real one, not the one from the local shopping guide and the SPLC and other news organization with no understanding of local issues.

Ready was a flawed individual but a realistic one.  He was heavily armed, wore body armour and believed he might be murdered at any time by the drug cartel people he had dedicated his life to fight against, as had Sheriff Deaver.

Ready didn’t expect that the cartels would have used police to get close to him.  He was “set up” as was Deaver.

What Ready was “about” was the realization that he had to go to after endemic corruption through armed resistance. His failing is that he turned to law enforcement for help and was murdered as anyone who tries to reform law enforcement from “within or without” is, by the “blue gang.”



The Neo-Nazi smear machine was a bit too quick on the trigger in the Ready killing

As much fun as it is to vilify police, it is much more complicated than that.  Police live on a basic wage, just above “survivable” unless they reach command rank or accept bribes.  If any officer in a corrupt department refuses, he is ostracized or dead unless he has powerful friends.

The problem is that for every cop “on the take,” we have a prosecuting attorney or judge, a local political leader and, most of all, the committees that control the “ruling” political party in the area.

In Arizona, it is the unseen GOP leaders tied to money laundering and crime.  In other areas they may be Democrats.

The cult of Mormonism was the pathway for the cartels into the Southwest.  Their history of social control, use of violence, crooked courts, rigged elections and theocratic government made them as much of a gang as the cartels.  Partnership was natural.

Now they have their own Mormon/Drug Cartel presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Police started none of this, they are simply the face of the criminal element, protected by guns and badges and easily tasked as drug couriers, hit men and capable of managing and derailing any investigation.

It isn’t local police only, it involves every federal agency and starts from the top down, not the bottom up.

Criminality in law enforcement begins in Washington and dozens of long serving members of congress hold high positions in organized crime groups. 

Congress supplies the “middle managers” for worldwide organized crime, voting special laws to protect criminal groups, pushing billions in federal funding into contractors controlled by organized crime, helping create armed gangs under the guise of “military contractors” and, when needed, acting as financial couriers themselves while on “junkets.”

Fort Hauchuca

Down in Cochise County, Arizona, hundreds of prominent citizens are talking, some trying to come up with solutions.

They want to react, to regain control of their “corner” of Arizona, one more financially secure than most, one overrun by drug couriers, one filled with corruption and violence and one that is the home of one of America’s most vital military commands at Ft. Huachuca.

Across the state, others are supposed to learn their lesson.  They are assured that if they pick up a gun or open their mouths, they will have their family executed and then be “suicided’ while their obituary naming them “anti-Semites” and “Nazi’s” will be written by known members of organized crime and repeated through Wikipedia and all news agencies.

Veterans Today had investigators at the scene of the Ready killings within minutes.  We talked to witnesses, we were there when the cover-up began and watched it continue.  We talked with state and local officials who were terrified of getting involved.

We even met with the head of the Federal task force for the region, another more than “fruitless” endeavor.

Do we move the border north, taking all the Mormon states, right up to the Idaho border with Canada and turn it all over to Mexico’s crime rings?

Does it end there or has it gone too far, is it now everywhere?

10 thoughts on “No One in Arizona Could Write this Story and Live

  1. Take a few of these guys and gut them and hang them on the mexico side of the wall and put a sign on them that says “you come here again and the rest of you will end up the same”.All of them no matter who they are.When they do it again then gut a hundred of them and do the same thing.Sooner or later they’ll get the message.

  2. I would say its gone too far

    All news media outlets are complicit in the cover ups

    Awhile back someone commented on how they want to make child prostitution legal so these sickos can have sex with our children

    After reading this I’d say were already there

    1. the “Franklin Scandal” cover up already shows that child sex reaches the highest levels of govt. They were kidnapping kids off the streets of america and raping, killing them in snuff films and dumping the bodies in bohemiam grove for the satanists.

  3. I don`t know what to say about the drug caretels, but I do know about the cops and the cartels can take out every LEO bastard along with the f`in cops family. I would love to see a pack of cops waiting in line to see his pos co- worker getting tortured to a long slow painful death knowing that his family and hisself will be next shortly. A cop is a F**k`n cop is a cop and the f`n cops deserves everything and then some that the cartels and everyone else can hand to the cop. A cop – in my books mean every one from the Pres. down to the snitch.

  4. I remember seeing this guy, J.T. Ready at one of the Occupy rallies in a video a few months ago. I can’t believe they killed him. Even I was saying this guy has balls and good for him. One honest cop out of a bag of weeds. So sad. They probably have his stepdaughter under protective custody hidden somewhere under a new name so they don’t get at her.

    It is high time we Americans do the same, take up arms and take our country back not only from these gangs but from the bigger gangs in government. This shit has gone on long enough. This guy died a patriot and we are suppose to just leave it like that? HELL NO!!! His fault was that he trusted his cop friends. NEVER trust a cop. Find another friend to trust. This story should make all Americans gather together and want to take their country back. My condolences go out to what is left of his family. Same with Sheriff Larry Deaver’s.

  5. You get a story like this and then you go to Drudge Report and see if it is on there and all you get is a photo of a Monkey on the front page eating her peppers to promote her SNAPS program and her husband Scarface sitting in his king’s chair at the U.N. like he is king of the world. It REALLY makes me want to beat the shit out of and take over all the mainstream media news agencies in the country. Why hasn’t anyone occupied these bastards. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “OCCUPY CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC and all of those mainstream media organizations and take them over!” By doing that we can take over their satellites and broadcast real stories and influence the people nationwide and worldwide and use their tactics against them. It is the only way we can start waking people up and turning it around. CONTROL THE ZIONIST MEDIA AND YOU CAN UNITE THE PEOPLE!!! They are the ones blocking all of the true information. Alternative media is not going to do anything fast enough. You need to take it to the source. Infiltrate it and take it over. These groups need to do that. Think “V for Vendetta”. He communicated to the people by taking over the airwaves. We must do the same if we are to get the REAL message out to the people and let them know that everyone is listening. Alternative media will only get us so far. The first rule in warfare is to take out or takeover the enemy’s communication. We have the people. We just need to do it, dammit!!

  6. Sounds like Arpaio has his hands full. This man is up against hell on earth. What he needs is a couple of detachments of army personnel. Why do I think Holder is in the middle of all of this somehow?

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