No One Should be Denied a Trial Ever

Published on Apr 21, 2013 by Ry Dawson

I don’t care how emotional you are about something or how bad the crime on the accused was, trials are important they are more than just about guilty or not guilty, in the process of a trial more information always comes out. Not having trials just screams for corruption. We should go that direction Actually we already went that direction, we should continue on this path.

One thought on “No One Should be Denied a Trial Ever

  1. Who here really thinks there is any justice in the court system?
    The judge and prosecutor will do as they are told and be rewarded with contributions to their retirement accounts. All Courts are private businesses and have no Constitutional foundation. Any defense scum will be told to give minimum help to the boy and tell the judge and prosecutor everything the boy said . No evidence in the boys favor will be allowed to be presented. That boy and his brother are the real victims in this false flag event.

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