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No Word From the Trenches today

There will be no broadcast today.

Blame Mark Schumacher.

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16 Responses to No Word From the Trenches today

  1. Katie says:

    Ok, Mark, I see you’re causing problems again. What’s up with that? Are you drinking pure water from a rock again?

    Just glad you let us know early so I won’t disturb my nap with my timer set for 2:00 in time for the broadcast.

  2. flee says:

    N Joy yourself btchs.

    I’m Rick James.

    Now back to the sticky icky.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Normally I’d be really bummed, but no library internet today, they’re almost sold out here, so I don’t think they’ll last till 1:00 anyway.
    Just got my new windshield, so there’s NOTHING they can pull me over for now. Oil change tomorrow, then you can expect to not see me here for days at a time… I’ll be GONE FISHING! 🙂

    HAVE FUN, GUYS!!! 🙂

  4. JoeSTP says:

    Why would place blame on Mark Schumacher?

  5. mary in ND says:

    Mark are you being a bad influence on the Shivleys? Hahaha…if ya still at it have one (at least) for me……LOL

  6. Hal Apeeno says:

    Just fooling.

  7. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Well guys, wish you could be here. LMAO!

  8. Angel-NYC says:

    Bless you, Mark. They need a break. 😀
    Thank you for forcing a bit of RnR/Chill Out time.

  9. Jolly Roger says:

    No blame, Mark…..Thanks for giving Henry a day off.

    We all need to spend a little time enjoying life and being happy now and then. (while we still can)

  10. galen says:

    Sometimes I read things and I’m not actually sure what I’m reading. But I would like to say how much I appreciate Mark’s contributions to the broadcasts; he always brings challenging questions and helps things get clarified for listeners. I’ll add that he thinks for himself and is not afraid to disagree. For years he’s clearly written about the corruptions we are up against, calling out culprits and naming names. I both appreciate and respect him. So there.

    Hoping the Oregon Fest is a load of FUN!!



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