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No Word From the Trenches today

Our broadcast computer, which was refurbished when we bought it four years ago, has failed.

Apparently there is a SATA primary hard disk drive failure. (Whatever that means.)

We will be working at replacing parts with some from another dead computer over the weekend so that we can be back up on Monday.

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34 Responses to No Word From the Trenches today

  1. Katie says:

    Have a good weekend!

  2. galen says:

    Sometimes we gotta learn to give when we’ve got nothin’ to give. We need to fund the fight and the fighter, the unstoppable, true fighter. May we send what we can.

    Henry, may help come your way soon. From all directions. Aggravation will soon lift as the truth washes over it. You sure do/did some washin’.


    • galen says:

      ps: Henry, I know you always say you don’t want anyone who’s struggling to donate. I agree, and as you mention, there are many other ways to give, especially in bringing folks to The Trenches and in living and teaching The Bill of Rights. All so important.


      • Henry Shivley says:

        You have come far, Little Moccasin. We have just faced a little bit of a conundrum. If we could just teach it once to everybody at the same time, the deed would be done. Those who were men would stand and take our peace of being back. And those who failed to stand to the task would not be able to deny who they are, and then the Trenches would not be necessary anymore. But we are the Americans in the Trenches and because of the neglect of too many generations before us, we have to do the hardest thing imaginable, fighting the everything with nothing.
        The ray of light is there and we cannot lose. We are in the truth and the when the death and dying is done, I know in my soul like you know in your soul, the truth will stand, because no matter how tiny of a space one tries to confine it in, it will escape bondage.
        You are a true Trencher and I’m proud to call you my sister. πŸ™‚

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Very sorry to hear that, Henry. That being the case, I’ll go back on hiatus until Monday, and refrain from sending anything in… to lighten the load (a smidgen, anyway).

    Best of luck, brother.

  4. flee says:

    Alright… I’m fkd up and pissed off.

    And I just gotta get this off my azz.

    You cheap azz mutherfkrs out there that dont donate to the site need to dig up some fkng cash and buy Henry and Laura a new fkng computer.

    Ya sit there and talk all your intellectual sht .

    And your goddammint wordsmithing.

    But you won’t help a brother out.

    Fk u…

    Henry and Laura need a new computer.

    It’s not like they’re asking for a goddamint satellite service for 13k.

    I’m tired of you niggers …

    People that don’t have sht donate the most to keep this site up.

    Yet you other mutherfkrs won’t donate a goddam dime.

    Well I have a challenge. ..

    I’ll donate ! 500 dollars if someone or people will match me.

    For a new computer…

    Cheap bastards.

    • galen says:

      Bravo, Flee. May he or she who has do. And ALL others do what they can. Yesterday. Or right now will work, too.


    • mary in ND says:


    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

      Make it 250 and I’m there. Just talked to Henry, he’s got other options now, that will be plan B.

      • flee says:

        If you spot the 250.

        Ill match you.

        Plus the 500.

        I’ll cover the rest….for the slackers.

        So we’re up to 1k.

        Plus I told Henry I’d get him a 300lb…crossbow.

        For his Ninja assassin training.

        I think I got it covered.

        Anyone else…wants to help…kewl

        My apologies to everyone for being a drunken dk.

        I’ll be at the post office Monday.

  5. Vekar says:

    It means the disks used to store information on inside the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) are kaput. Only fix is a new HDD, enjoy your weekend Henry!

  6. Henry Shivley says:

    To the few of you who have stepped up to offer to help solve the problem, I will give you an answer as soon as I can.Β  I have this shit scattered out in my living room and I have to stop to think….ou know what?

    F#@k it, it’s Friday, just put a hillbilly slam on the moonshine and turn the stereo on wide open and have to take a pause and let my mind catch up with the situation.

  7. galen says:

    Thank you. I took in every word in.

    How far you’d go? The distance. The full frikkin’ distance.!!

    Love propel and protect us all!!


  8. Henry Shivley says:

    Shit’s slidin’ down like fresh spring water. Everything is becoming clearer by the minute. Come hell or high water, we will be back on the air Monday.
    Stereo is maxed now.

  9. Henry Shivley says:

    Oh, I haven’t been just sitting on my ass. All the parts are cleaned and installed, will plug it into the system in the morning and see if it works or goes through the f#@king wall.
    Now don’t get excited, like I said, we’ll be up on Monday.
    Wonder what Mark Koernke and the significant patriot leaders would think of my procedures, seeing as how we come from different worlds.
    Good night to the site and everybody turn your stereos up. Now that I’ve done the technical work, I’m about to bring this bong to life.
    I love every one of you, even that old contrary misguided prick, Jolly Roger. πŸ™‚

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