No Word From the Trenches today

I need another day, but the article AG Barr Announces Project Guardian to Prevent Unapproved Gun Purchases I cannot let stand without addressing.  So this is the best I can do today.

What this article fails to document is that the states are also prohibited from any infringement upon the 2nd Article by the 10th Article.   

The 10th Article reads:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This article is an attempt to replace absolute law with legalese by those States Rights advocates.

The Bill of Rights was ratified by the states, making it the supreme law of every state.  The Bill of Rights is not about state power, it is absolutely about individual freedom and liberty and the individual’s absolute superior authority over both the state and federal lackeys to whom whatever power they claim to have, belongs to the people.  Said power can never be used to infringe upon any Article listed in the Bill of Rights to any degree.

I’ll put it to you like this, f-k the corporate states, as they are as illegitimate as the federal apparatus, as they are adjoined as subcontractors under the United States Corporation.

Don’t tell me about the mighty power of the state as the state is as insignificant to the self-governance of the people as individuals under the common law, as is that sloppy whore treasonous seditious federal pile of corporate shit.  They both defecate through the same hole.

The traitors in the federal corporation are chosen from among the traitors in the state corporation, both of which are illegitimate and represent a running act of treason against the absolute superior authority of the individual free sovereign national, who is the only sovereign for the land known as the united States of the Americas.

As for you Trumptards out there, here’s your boy having somebody else do his f-king over of the people for him in an effort to keep his treacherous actions as low keyed as possible.

William Barr is a known killer of women and children. And don’t forget all you good ol’ boy Trumptards, he has declared rural America to be one of those places he intends to attack vigorously.  So get your sorry f-king asses out there and vote your corporate straw man and affirm your treason.

17 thoughts on “No Word From the Trenches today

  1. More R & R?

    I’m amenable… need to do some serious ‘housecleaning’ anyway.

    Rest up, Henry… you don’t want what I have now.

  2. They can dance all they want but the Truth of our ratified Law is solid

    You and Laura have a peaceful weekend. Love ya!

  3. This makes me so mad I don’t even want to read the article. Barr committed treason long ago when he defended the murderous and evil actions of lon horuchi. This could be the fuse that sets this uprising off. They clearly are completely insane from power, greed, and corruption.

  4. To anyone new to all of this fake left / fake right BS run by the Jewish Mafia they want to take our firearms. All of our firearms then they can kill us. Please look into building your own (non serial numbered) firearm.

    Here is an example;

    Buy a Polymer80 80% finished Glock style 9mm or 40 cal frame with build parts from this website for example (Or at a gun show so there is no paper trail) . It will be sent to your home unless your state prohibits it.

    Buy a complete 9mm or 40 cal Glock type slide at a gun show or online from one of several sellers.

    Spend 30 minutes to an hour to finish removing bits of plastic from your 80% pistol frame, install the parts, and slide, and wallah you have a finished FREEDOM FIREARM with no serial number!


    You can finish the 80% 9mm or 40 cal frame and buy a Mechtech upper from here . Place the 16″ barreled upper onto your finished 80% Glock style frame and wallah you have a 9mm or 40 cal 16″ CARBINE with no serial number.

    Buy lots of magazines and ammunition. If you live in Kalifornia buy standard and high capacity magazines that have a rivet installed to limit them to 10 rounds then REMOVE THE RIVET WITH A DRILL, clean up where the rivet was inside the magazine, reassemble, and you end up with a STANDARD OR HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. “To anyone new to all of this fake left / fake right BS run by the Jewish Mafia they want to take our firearms. All of our firearms then they can kill us.”

      Have you looked at any of the other articles posted here, or read the comments on any?

      The posters on this site are about as NOT NEW to the NWO’s agenda as any you’ll find in the entire country.

      In other words… you’re preachin’ to the choir.

      1. I agree 1 NWO Hatr. I was aiming this at people new to this site and who still believe in the right wing as the answer. There are so many who cling to the presentation of the right wing which was set up by the Jewish mafia like the John Birch Society was to Revilo P Oliver back in the day. He was duped for several years like so many others.

        1. my trumptard sister is still duped

          I think that is one of the obstacles …many people do not want to admit they have been duped

          1. Jus’ stumbled on this:

            “If you are in a fight, and don’t realize you are in a fight, you will lose.”
            — Balaji Srinivasan


  5. IT would sound rite, because Barr came to. Memphis to sound off on the new legislation thats Gonna solve our gun shootings in Memphis. Tennessee hasn’t (maybee)gave up much,the TBI was made to keep fbi out of tn.last year tn put a amement on a old bill that gave tn the control on firearms silencers,before the gov declared control off them.

    1. They ain’t keeping shite out!

      One traitorous agency isn’t gonna save or hold off another traitorous agency, is it?

      The whole G’d thing is corrupt from the head down to it’s commie-joo dragon tail.

      We’ve got all the “amendments” WE need already. Matter of fact, we’ve got 10 better;ARTICLES!

      Nothing else is necessary and sitting down to a table with these mf’s and thinking it’s a war that can be won on paper in their courts, with their judges and their admiralty law is recognizing their treason as anything other than what it is. TREASON.

        1. LOL!!! The white hats wearing a “q” pinned to their chests should be ridin’ in for the rescue aaaany time now! Dear God…

  6. So in your words, “this is the best I can do today”…

    The best you can do?!! The best you can do!!!!

    Well it turns out that that “best” really is the best I’ve seen of stripping down the state and putting it smack on a par with the Fed, in terms of corruption and treason. That “best” brings it down to bare bones where who is left standing there but none other than the free individual, waiting for all the b.s. to move out of the way so he or she can just live without an albatross perpetually around the neck. THE STATE is twin albatross helping the monster machine call the shots, forcing a world of haves and have-nots.

    You again: “The traitors in the federal corporation are chosen from among the traitors in the state corporation…” Ha! Political nepotism. You’re guaranteed a seat at the table if you play the game.

    But we are playing our own game, for in our Bill of Rights is contained EVERYTHING we need to live free and prosper, along with every right we have to move any out of the way who might interfere with that.

    Thank you, Henry, for always bringing it back where it should be: The Individual. Seems that for some it’s something that has to be learned, over and over again.


  7. “Courts subsequently largely exonerated Weaver, while excoriating the FBI and the Department of Justice. And, although then-Attorney General William Barr claimed to know nothing about the Ruby Ridge fiasco, a 1995 Washington Post article reported that there were 20 high-level DOJ calls about Weaver in the 24 hours preceding the murder of his wife — and two of them directly involved Barr.”

    Shoots people in the back and murders women only because they own guns, nothing more! Real POS isnt he? Then he claims he knows nothing about it…

    Let him swing….

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