One thought on “No Word From the Trenches today

  1. Thanks again Henry and family and all the Trenchers, you are the light in the forest, no one anywhere, ever, is telling our truth without some sort of caveat attached to it.

    Bill of rights is as you say, ratified law. It is violated at every turn as if it has no value or force behind it. We are that force.

    As I awoke this morning, the vision came to my mind, that they absolutely need to have the Two sides thing, the north & South thing (Commie anti-fasc vs Republican Conservative Trumper type patriots) it is where you see all the propaganda going. Classic divide and conquer.

    The Stasi world will arrive in our faces, this plandemic thing is the start. We all must decide and choose what and where our own line in the sand is, I have mine!

    And there won’t be some organised Militia coming to back us up, we are on our own initially; as these days arrive.

    Long live the trenchers….! Sent you a little something guys, will do more when I get my slave pay tomorrow.

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