North Carolina Candidate for Sheriff Apologizes for Joke About Taking Guns from Residents’ ‘Cold, Dead Hands’

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

Buncombe County Sheriff’s candidate R. Daryl Fisher has apologized for joking about taking guns out of residents’ “cold, dead hands.”

Fisher is a Democrat who was caught on video saying, “You’ve heard people say, ‘You’ll have to pry my guns from my cold, dead hands.’” He shrugs his shoulders, states, “Okay,” and then stands quietly while a room full of supporters laugh and applaud. 

After the applause dies, he adds, “Whenever you pass away, we’ll come get it.”

His statements are near the 3:04 mark in the video:

Backlash over Fisher’s comments flooded the media, and on Sunday, he apologized. Fox News reports that he said he believes his statements were taken out of context, but he apologized nonetheless.

On Monday, the News & Observer quoted Fisher saying:

Unfortunately, a one-sentence clip from that meeting has been taken out of context and circulated on social media with a false interpretation of what I actually said. Anyone who watches the video in its entirety can see the truth and understand that my response was reasonable. While I regret having made a joke that could be misinterpreted, I stand by my actual response.

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7 thoughts on “North Carolina Candidate for Sheriff Apologizes for Joke About Taking Guns from Residents’ ‘Cold, Dead Hands’

  1. I like jokes, too! “On occasion, the tree of Liberty needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants.”

    Haha Just kidding. .see? Wasn’t that funny? Ahole D. And I don’t mean democrat.

  2. Joke or no joke, his true intentions are now known. Some statements can not be walked back. He is a domestic enemy. He gave a non-apology apology. He is only sorry that he is taking heat for what he said. What is said was an implied death threat, and those who heard him fully understood and approved of murdering gun owners.

    Based on a reasonable interpretation, in context of the Bible verse Luke 22:36, the right to self-defense is a right given to us by God; as well as obeying a command give by Jesus to own a sword (in our current time a firearm). Therefore, I am practicing my religious faith by owning a firearm. This both a 1st and 2nd amendment issue.

  3. I’ll. .tell ya…

    If any of you Christians have any faith.

    You better be praying and meditating for the messiah.

    Because we need him to whip their azzes like when he went into the temples and turned over the money changers tables in their sex temples.

    I think we have a common thread here.

    We don’t like evil.

    I’m really praying that the chinese space station “Crashes Into D.C.”.

    Let’s see what happens. …

    Because we all know….

    Accidents do happen.

  4. Sorry Mr. Fisher,
    We do not accept your apology…
    We do not accept your twisted, orwellian point of view…
    We do not need a piece of trash like you wandering the walls of city hall…
    Please go see a psychiatrist,
    If I was biologically related to you,
    I would deny it at all costs….
    You are perverse..
    Fisher’s idea of Civic Duty,
    Mr. Fisher could be the first candidate to run on a Communist platform,
    Both in America and North Korea…….
    Bye, Bye Fisher…….

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