North Carolina officer, armed person both killed in gunfire


CONCORD, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina police officer and a person with a weapon were killed in an exchange of gunfire that wounded a second officer, police said.

The wounded officer was taken to a hospital for non-life threatening injuries following the shooting in Concord late Wednesday evening, the city’s police department said in multiple posts on their Twitter page. The city’s about 23 miles (37 kilometers) northeast of Charlotte.

Concord police said the suspect who died was armed. They didn’t release any identities or say what led to the shooting.

A news conference is planned for Thursday morning.

“This loss is devastating not only to the member’s family and loved ones but every police officer across the city, state, and country,” the department said.

The fatal shooting marks the second time since last week that a police officer was killed near the Charlotte area. Mount Holly Police Officer Tyler Herndon was fatally shot early Friday in Gaston County. A suspect in that shooting is in custody and has been charged with murder.

4 thoughts on “North Carolina officer, armed person both killed in gunfire

  1. Sounds like they ran into someone that wasn’t going to put up with their bullshit tyranny

    And they report a second story that almost mirrors the first
    But their lack of a functioning IQ renders them stupid over the real reasons why

    You can’t fix stupid , but you can kill it

  2. Wonder if the “Person with a gun” was having their rights violated?

    No info at all. It is automatically assumed that the exalted God protector peace officer (I mean corporate mercenary) is the victim.!?!

    Hmmm or maybe the no name perp was another pissed off, had it up to here, American exercising their absolute rights?!

    Message to LEOs you do not have the authority you think you do, and people are not going to continue allowing you your luxuries you are used to, especially in this NWO live operation!

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