North Dakota taking steps to nullify ALL of Joe Biden’s unconstitutional laws and executive orders

Natural News – by Ethan Huff

State Sen. Tom Kading, a Republican, has introduced legislation in North Dakota that would instruct the attorney general to review the constitutionality of each and every executive order signed by Joe Biden.

Since Biden is not a real president anyway, none of his EOs are valid right out of the gate. North Dakota is taking a slightly different approach, though, challenging Biden’s EOs on constitutional grounds since they far exceed the jurisdiction of the executive branch.

House Bill 1164 enumerates that EOs relating to the following issues are slated for nullification:

• Pandemics or other health emergencies
• The regulation of natural resources, including coal and oil
• The regulation of the agriculture industry
• The use of land
• The regulation of the financial sector as it relates to environmental, social, or governance standards
• The regulation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms

Biden’s cancelation of the Keystone XL pipeline, his federal mask mandate, and other EOs that fall into these categories all have the potential to get axed under HB1164.

Legislators in North Dakota are also proposing legislation that would allow censored citizens to sue Big Tech for violating their free speech rights.

States always have the right to fight back against federal tyranny

A related bill from State Rep. Sebastian Ertelt, also a Republican, would likewise nullify all unconstitutional legislation coming out of the federal legislative branch.

House Bill 1282 would create a “Committee on Neutralization of Federal Laws,” the job of which would be to make recommendations about which federal laws or regulations should be deemed unconstitutional.

Any federal law or recommendation recommended for nullification would be sent to the North Dakota legislature, which would then have to pass a concurrent resolution deciding whether or not to nullify it.

Following a committee recommendation, and until any resolution is passed, all state, county, and local agencies throughout North Dakota would be prohibited from enforcing the contested law or regulation.

The Constitution is the law of the land, not Biden’s EOs

As it currently stands, both HB 1164 and HB 1282 are likely to become law. North Dakota Republicans control the Senate 40 to 7, and the House 80 to 14. Chances are both will pass mostly along party lines.

South Dakota has similar legislation, known as HB 1194, in place to review the constitutionality of all presidential executive orders. Like the proposed North Dakota legislation, South Dakota’s bill lists the aforementioned six issues as points of contention.

In South Dakota, the state Senate is controlled 32 to 3 by Republicans, who also control the House, 62 to 8.

“The United States Constitution’s Supremacy Clause enjoins each state to follow laws that are constitutionally sound and only on issues that the Constitution granted purview to the federal government to determine,” reports National File.

“If the federal government – be it the Executive, Legislative, or the Judicial Branch – acts unconstitutionally, the individual states have a right to ignore the transgressing edict.”

It was the late Alexander Hamilton who codified this ethic in Federalist No. 33. Even though Hamilton favored a strong central government, he recognized that individual states have every right to reject and ignore federal laws and edicts that violate the U.S. Constitution.

“Many states should do the same,” wrote one National File commenter. “Not only is Beijing Biden issuing one unconstitutional, and nation-wrecking, order after another, he’s not even a legitimate president.”

“He doesn’t even know what he is signing!” wrote another. “I wish during his EO signings someone would ask him to explain what the EO he is signing at the moment is – he has NO IDEA! Having Xiden sign EOs is just like the communist Democrats helping the aged to vote.”

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3 thoughts on “North Dakota taking steps to nullify ALL of Joe Biden’s unconstitutional laws and executive orders

  1. This should be country wide

    What if they called for a vote on a “ leader” and no one showed up?

    These psychopaths need to bleed

  2. South Dakota has similar legislation, known as HB 1194, in place to review the constitutionality of all presidential executive orders.

    this is a nice start. but we can do better! there should be a law at the federal level that requires any and all laws, executive orders, mandates, whatever be checked for constitutionality before being put in place and to check the ones that are already in place as well. when incompetent politicians pass BS laws it dose nothing but wastes time and money!

    1. You really do need to read this site so you know what you are talking about.
      There is no constitution, it was replaced by an unlawful corporate charter, in violation of the 9th Article of the only law left in this country, and that is that Bill of Rights.
      They can’t just make laws.
      Under the 14th Amendment, you are a subject of the corporation, property of the corporation.
      And then there is the Bill of Rights, which was ratified separate and apart from the original constitution, and after it was already the superior supreme people’s jurisdictional law of this land, it was added to the original constitution as amendments to make goddamn sure everybody understood that the people ruled the government, not the other way around.
      All their executive orders and mandates are nothing more than corporate policy that removes the requirement for the due process of the law and creates powers that are unlawful under the 9th Article of that Bill of Rights.
      This isn’t a game of chess, we are back at 1775 and war has been declared upon our natural rights, which are the supreme law of this land as they were ratified by representatives elected by we the people.
      That phony f-king constitution that never was, was ratified by delegates appointed by the aristocracy who thought they could get away with creating a government in the middle of an uprising.
      You don’t know who you are, what your authority is, nor the unlawful system you are arguing frivolous meaningless arguments about, and you are welcome to stay if you want to learn, but I assure you these comments are asinine to everyone on this site who have learned who they are, what their authority is, and how their judicial authority has been subverted in violation of their law.
      You are the property of a corporation. You can be nothing more than property and you have no say in anything until that unlawful United States Corporation (Title 28 Definition 15) and that unlawful 14th Amendment declaring you a subject in violation of the 9th Article of our unalienable law are removed.
      You are either a subject of the corporation under the 14th Amendment or an individual free sovereign national with absolute freedom and liberty under that Bill of Rights. There is no f-king middle ground.
      Ignore this comment just like you did the others where I replied to you and it will be your last.

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