North Korea is Starving for a Fight

North Korea has threatened to attack the United States in retaliation for tightening sanctions and military exercises with South Korea, which included near border fly-overs with B2 Stealth Bombers capable of delivering a nuclear payload.  Some of the traitors within our government are saying the threats from North Korea must be taken seriously, while others define the statements as “war mongering rhetoric”.

We Americans are quite aware of the fact that the Israeli Zionists want to bring us to war in the Middle East and any move in this venue would be closely scrutinized and quickly rejected.   

The industrial war complex was supposed to be experiencing cuts in funding as a part of the sequestration, but of course those cuts will not be happening as alternate funding has been acquired.  When we look at the possibility of war we must understand where the real threat matrix lies and that is within the community of the merchants of death.  If these psychopaths fear a loss of funding, there will be war to preserve the status quo.

After the first invasion into Iraq, the US put that country under crippling sanctions, starving 100,000 children to death, as that country was weakened in preparation for the second invasion.

The North Koreans, likewise, are being starved for the same purpose.  It is no secret that the international elite want the two Koreas reunited under global socialism in order that their entire slave labor potential is brought to bear.

Considering the present state of our union, and that our people have been and are continuing to prepare for a revolt to reinstitute the Republic, I would have to believe war with North Korea is a real possibility.  If some place like Hawaii could be hit with a nuclear device, with the blame going to North Korea, a lot of power could be grabbed overnight.

The industrial war complex would no longer have to be worrying about additional funding and the Revolution could be stopped in its tracks with a simple declaration of war and a statement from the President, saying that anyone who is against the government of the United States is for the government of North Korea and will be considered an enemy combatant.

The North Koreans only have a few nuclear bombs.  If these were neutralized immediately, we could have a nice resource draining war for another ten years.  In fact we could have the same world war the Zionists have been trying to start in the Middle East, as China would come in on the side of North Korea as they attack Japan in the opening salvo.  And of course Russia would come to its comrade China’s aid, which would clear the way for a US invasion into Iran and Syria, the logic being, of course, we are already at war.

There can be no doubt that the diabolical one world Zionists are looking at all options in order to get their conquest under way, and we American nationals need to be ready to thwart each attempt at its onset.

God help us to open our eyes and minds to the true extent of the Zionists’ duplicity.

2 thoughts on “North Korea is Starving for a Fight

  1. Oh yea, isn`t China NK biggest ally and Russia China`s friend. We are friends of SK. while all this time Isreal is just sitting back and just enjoying the scenario.

  2. The Axis of Evil is USA and ISRAEL.

    North Korea like Iran does not have a Jew Central Bank so they are subject to economic WARFARE and threatened with military WARFARE.

    Unfortunately for Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan they now have their Jew central banks imposed, ask the people of Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain and Italy how is their Jew Central Bank thing working out for them.

    Starve the Zionist Beast, do whatever you can, grow your own organic food, take your money out of their banks and buy some gold and silver, learn to barter, do not subscribe to or read their media, boycott Israel goods, educate your children. They have planned to take down the system and like Cyprus when there are no jobs then they foreclose on you, have some silver savings to keep up repayments should this happen.

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