Northeastern University will require COVID vaccination for students returning to campus in fall

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Northeastern University has announced it will require students attending classes on the college’s campuses in the fall to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the first day of classes.

That safety measure, which applies to all undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students across Northeastern’s global campuses, will help the university get to a full return to campus activities, according to a message from Ken Henderson, chancellor and senior vice president for learning.

“As the speed of vaccinations and the vaccine supply increases, we expect that vaccines will be widely available in all of the countries where Northeastern maintains campuses by the time in-person classes resume in the fall,” Henderson wrote. “Northeastern will require proof of inoculation with vaccines that are approved in the country where the campus the student is attending is located.”

Students can request religious and medical exemptions. More details on how to request an exemption, and on how to submit proof of vaccination, will be released at a later date.

“The pandemic has shown us the value of face-to-face interaction and the vital place it has in our community and in our mission as a university. As we plan for a return to in-person classes and regular campus activities, we know that achieving herd immunity is crucial for the safety of our entire community. This vaccination requirement is the next step to ‘Protect the Pack’ so we can continue to study, learn, and research side by side,” Henderson wrote.

Northeastern is not currently distributing the vaccine because of changes in the state’s vaccination distribution plan, Henderson wrote.

Students in Massachusetts can look for vaccine appointments online. Northeastern said it will assist international students who may have limited access to the vaccine.

Mass Live

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  1. when the bottom line is below the floor
    Maybe they will wake up

    Or , this government with our money will bail them out
    That shit needs to stop

  2. My mother wonders why I become infuriated when she tells me “you’re college materials”. I tell her that after 2 years of it, I realized how F’g retarded and mindless the majority of them are.

    I love her but she’s another one I’ve lost to them.

    I won’t forget or forgive.

      1. You’ve got family and the best kind…the one you choose. Fight like your life, freedom, soul, and everything and everyone else’s aforementioned you’ve ever loved depends on it.

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