Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 12th, 2013


Sunday…. And again time for my usual rant that will both surprise you and piss many people off at the same time…

First, I want again to thank everyone for their support over the last while during a time when I was led to believe that I had a heart condition… I went for the followup this last week, and the doctor stated that my heart is perfectly fine.  There is no blockage and all the EKG and blood work readings are back to normal.   I can almost safely state that the cause of all the commotion in the first place was most probably due to one heck of a viral infection in my chest coupled with an allergic reaction to over the counter cough medication.  I am now almost over all the chest congestion and I will be back to my usual 3 times a week to the local YMCA starting this week as well….  

Of course the big talk around this neck of the woods has been the unusually cold Winter weather that we have been experiencing here in central Canada.   I do love the new term “Polar Vortex” that has been bantered around to explain the unseasonably cold weather that much of North America has endured over the last month.  However, this cold weather is nothing new, because I recall as a child some 40 years ago going through these type of conditions and nobody thought then that it was the end of the world!   I am still surprised about how many gullible people are still out there believing in the Global Warming fraud, and especially the hucksters behind the fraud claiming that this unusual cold weather is due to “Global Warming”!

I have said it in previous articles and I feel I must repeat myself here again…. There is no Global Warming, period… And neither are we headed towards a new “Ice Age” as some are erroneously promoting… This cold spell is part of our yellow dwarf star’s natural cycle where right now solar radiation output is down considerably.  The result of diminished solar radiation hitting this planet is the cold weather we are experiencing now, and people can spew out all the so called “greenhouse gases” they want because it will not affect the temperatures on this planet at all.   But fear not, for this is a natural solar cycle and some 10-15 years from now, we may again be experiencing milder winters due to an upswing in solar radiation output!

It must be noted that with the failure of the fraud “Obamacare” by the criminals in the US Government, they may yet try to push forward the “Global Warming” fraud agenda and push for “Carbon Taxation” on the gullible American public sometime this spring…. People across the United States must be alerted to this fraud and be willing to block their government’s efforts, much the same way they have overwhelmingly said “NO” to “Obamacare”.  “Carbon Taxation” is a fraud, and just another means of fleecing people out of their money!

The big news this last week was indeed the recent video taken on a beach in Northern California showing elevated levels of radiation….. When I saw that video, I too was alarmed, and thought that it was exclusively from Fukushima, and the long awaited radioactive “plume” that was due to hit the US Pacific coast this spring had indeed arrived….. But I have decided to give analysts the benefit of the doubt, and even as the last great video by Arnie Gundersen from “Fairwinds” shows, there still could be many other sources of this elevated radiation and it may not necessarily be from Fukushima….. I agree that all other explanations will have to be exhausted first before we can safely conclude that this radiation is indeed coming from Fukushima.

I was sent some links to recent shows from Alex Jones over at “Infowars” that I found astounding… He and his cohorts have been all over these reports of elevated radiation levels along the California coast and has been screaming that Fukushima radiation is hitting the American coast at “500 times” normal background levels!   I was astounded by this fear mongering…. First and foremost, Mr Jones is wrong in his “500 times” claims made in his shows, and that the levels are actually 500% above background which is 5 times normal readings, NOT 500x!…. Secondly, Infowars seems to be going all out in using their claims of Fukushima radiation hitting the United States as a method of selling their Potassium Iodine capsules to protect peoples’ thyroids from radiation….It is not that bad yet, readers, and the panic push for Iodine capsules is preposterous and a bit premature.   I for one am waiting for followup reports and will reach a conclusion once all alternative causes have been eliminated.   Not saying that Mr. Jones is wrong in this, but we need facts first!

And about Fukushima itself…. I have been alerting people for the last year at least to the possibility that the melted cores have indeed gone through the bottom of their containment cells, and are now burrowing into the Earth itself…. We see constant reports of mysterious steam rising from the failed reactor cores, and it is logical to state that the melted cores are presently in contact with ground water, which is turning said water into steam that is escaping into the atmosphere.  Right now there has been limited release of this steam, but there is still the danger that one of the three melted cores could indeed hit a large pool of ground water and cause a tremendous explosion of radioactive steam… If that “China Syndrome” does take place, then it will mean the END of Japan itself, and we could see a serious catastrophe that the world has never seen before in its history!

Shockingly there have been new reports coming out this week that state that TEPCO has absolutely no idea at all on how to fix the situation at Fukushima, and have actually considered “giving up” on the entire situation!…. This does not surprise me one bit, because I have said here for almost 3 years that there is no way in hell to fix this problem with the technology available today… It will require a new approach to actually fix the failed cores, that many of the world’s scientists could take years to develop… In the meantime the cores continue to spew out their poison, and much of the water constantly being poured over the failed cores in a hopeless attempt to try to cool them is still pouring into the Pacific Ocean….. In terms of nuclear disasters with the highest in history being Chernobyl at a “Level 7” catastrophe, this disaster at Fukushima is definitely a “Level 8″….

In other news, I see the arch psycho criminal, Ariel Scheinermann, or under the phony name “Ariel Sharon”, has finally “died”…. After 8 years of having this mass murdering blood thirsty maniac in a coma, he is finally dead and off to join Satan by sitting on his right side in hell!  I also see the survivors of the Sharon led massacre at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in southern Lebanon can now breathe a sigh of relief that this mass murdering freak is now dead.   I see that the world Jew spew news papers and media are heaping their usual praise on this lunatic, without telling the truth about his murderous exploits…..I am just glad that another freak of nature is now dead…..

Why am I not surprised that the US, NATO, and even Israel, are now trying to find a “diplomatic” solution to the war in Syria?   The good guys, under Bashar al-Assad, have the so called murderous “rebels” completely on the ropes now, and the long sought victory to free Syria from this scourge is now at hand… Therefore, to try to save their precious “rebels” these criminal governments have the nerve to seek a “diplomatic” solution, which still calls for the removal of Assad himself… I can see why the Russians and the Syrians have now rejected these outrageous proposals…. Short of direct US/NATO intervention, this is one war the bad guys will have finally lost!

But the US is still making trouble around the world, with the report this week that they are now sending “advisors” into Somalia to help the government there against their own “insurgency”…. This goes right along the same pattern as other US interventions in Africa…. First into Mali to help extract Mali’s gold reserves under the false cover of helping to fight “Al Qaeda”… Then into the Central African Republic to seize the minerals there under the false cover of fighting “insurgencies”… Then into Southern Sudan to again seize the oil and minerals there under the false cover of fighting “insurgencies”….. Now into mineral rich Somalia under the same false pretext of fighting “insurgencies”…….Am I the only one that sees the pattern here?  We have these “civil wars” all over Africa being used as the excuse for the US to march right in and seize those nations’ mineral wealth!  The question again is how many more nations in Africa will be invaded by the US to fight phony “insurgencies” before people wake the hell up?

I see dark clouds on the horizon now developing very quickly when it comes to the world economic situation… There has been little fanfare in any of the fraud Jewish media here in North America about how badly Europe has now turned into an economic mess…. The European Union has been a dismal failure, and it is surprising that more nations have not said “enough” and have not bailed out from that failed attempt at world empire….. France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, are just a few in the long list of nations that are in economic upheaval, and are teetering on full collapse…..It is not too late for these nations to say NO to the Rothschild IMF and the Rothschild EU and tell their criminal Jewish bankers to take their debt and shove it up their asses…..It seems that short of full revolution in many of these nations, that may not happen any time soon, and all of Europe may see full economic collapse very shortly….

The situation in the United States (and yes, even here in Canada) is almost as bad as Europe…. With the Chinese no longer buying toxic US debt, the American government is still desperately trying to avoid the full impact of this debacle and try to avoid full economic collapse… But all they are doing is delaying the obvious… Any nation that adopts the criminal Jewish usury banking system that the US has endured now for over 100 years always collapses….What we are seeing is history repeating itself, and there is nothing short of full debt cancellation that will avoid this catastrophe from happening.   I for one have been shocked that this collapse has not happened already and am amazed at how the criminal Jewish banksters have prolonged this agony!

Of course what has been kept out of the media reports has been the rush by the criminals in the US government to pass a bill that will basically give the criminal state of Israel the full green light to attack Iran over its non-existent nuclear weapons program, and will have the US backing Israel fully in such an attack!  To me, this is the ultimate sign of how badly the US congress and senate is fully controlled by Jewish elements.   There are right now some 60+ Jew ass kissing senators in the US senate that are on board with this horrendous bill, and if it passes, the entire world will finally see the US for what it is… A full satellite state of Israel, that will do Israel’s bidding when it demands it!   They may as well get it over with now, and just admit that Benyamin Miliewkowsky (Netanyahu) is the true emperor of the United States!   When will the people of the US finally wake up and throw each and every one of these traitors out of their government?   How many times have I already said this is long overdue?

Well… I guess that is enough for right now….. There are other subjects, of course, that I have not covered here, and I will try to touch on them here in my closing “last minute tidbits”…. I have been under attack by those who are saying that I have gone “soft” on John Friend.  I must reiterate that I have no qualms with John, period.  The recent “falling out” with him was no falling out, it was just some differences of opinion, and as I have always said, John can contact me when ever he wants……People have been sending my a lot of hateful comments for my last “Sandy Hook” article.  If people cannot see that for the fraud it is, then I cannot help them at all……Still waiting for some reliable information that shows that the Chinese “Jade Rabbit” probe on the moon is NOT a fraud.  Everything I have seen so far has not dissuaded me from the fact that the Chinese are faking this just like NASA has faked much of their lunar missions for decades.  Hey, if NASA can fake it, then why not the Chinese as well?…..The Israelis are still building more “settlements” on stolen land in the occupied West Bank I see.  Again, I hate to be right on this, but facts are facts.  The Israelis want territory, and the so called “Peace Process” is and always has been a sham.  I must repeat that the only hope for the Palestinians is to fight, or accept their demise….. Yes, I am worried about Deanna Spingola and what has happened to her show and her chat room.  The religious stuff and censorship to me is getting to be too much to endure and I am no longer interested in participating on her shows…..Some people have again asked me for my stance on “white culture”.  I just tell them to look at the Jewish scumbag Protocols and how it states there their need to see the Caucasian race destroyed for them to attain world victory.  Its right there in black and white…..I see that my favorite BPL team, Arsenal, is now in a battle with Manchester City for the top of the table.  It may come down to the last few games in the Barkley’s Premiere League this season to see which team survives…..And finally what everyone has been waiting for, my weekly report on America’s favorite scumbag group of trollops, the Kardashians.  It seems that my favorite tramp, Kim, has been under scrutiny for the idea that her recent photos of her post pregnancy “slim” figure may have been “photoshopped”.   Well Kim answered these accusations by saying that her figure is a result of her being “disciplined”.   First, it is obvious that this trollop has had help through some post pregnancy nip and tuck surgery, and second, I cannot even believe this brain dead waste of time knows the meaning of , and even how to spell the word “disciplined”!    Just another fine day in brainwashed and dumbed down America, I see…..

More to come


5 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 12th, 2013

  1. Great Rant! Love it!

    A few things:

    “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 12th, 2013”

    Might wanna change the year to 2014.

    “Secondly, Infowars seems to be going all out in using their claims of Fukushima radiation hitting the United States as a method of selling their Potassium Iodine capsules to protect peoples’ thyroids from radiation….”

    Haha!! So true. So true. Fat bastard is always trying to sell the crap in his pants.

    “Still waiting for some reliable information that shows that the Chinese “Jade Rabbit” probe on the moon is NOT a fraud.”

    I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of that. Good point.

    “second, I cannot even believe this brain dead waste of time knows the meaning of , and even how to spell the word “disciplined”!”

    Hahaha!! I love this guy. He rants like me.

    Also, I like how he uses the Israeli prime ministers REAL last names and not their fake last names for Sharon (aka Ariel Scheinermann) and Netanyahu (aka Benyamin Miliewkowsky). Never knew those weren’t their real last names. Good to know. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as how everything about these Zionist bastards is a fraud anyways. Why shouldn’t their names be, too.

    1. Glad ya like him NC. He was relatively cival – my spelling again dang it I should`ve stayed in school I guess 🙂 LOL – compared to normal. He reminds me of Henry when Henry goes off. Yep, they let er rip and they are both very well informed.:lol: 😎

  2. whom ever this guy is..he owns it all..not afraid to speak his mind..and from reading this..hes almost as smart as me…bless him..god in hell if me and him and 300 thousand all get together..then most of our problems with this psychopathic government we have to suffer under… can be solved well;; I do not suffer morons..i get rid of them…all it takes but a few brave smart men to say enough is enough..and wipe the cancers from the face of the earth

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