Not A Coincidence

Published on Nov 14, 2013 by TheCanaryParty

As of November 2013 there have been 31,741 reported adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine, and the position of the Pharmaceutical companies which make the vaccine, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services which holds patents and profits on the vaccine, is that they are all a coincidence.

Call your Congressman and tell them you want an investigation into the HPV vaccine and the damage it is causing to young men and women.

“Not a Coincidence” is a campaign started by The Canary Party to address the medical community’s repeated excuse that the symptoms, too many experience, after vaccination are just coincidental. Seizures, fainting, rashes, allergies, GI dysfunction, loss of speech, etc, etc all labeled a coincidence. It’s time to end the excuses and start to listen to the injured and the parents of the injured. They deserve a forum to be heard, they deserve a voice, respect, attention, hearings and answers. They need a medical discovery process that uses their symptoms and their progression of illness in the process of finding treatments. All injured are worthy of being treated individually instead of disregarding their many medical maladies because of a vaccination program that is not allowed to be questioned. It’s time for the government, the medical community and the media to start taking into account the too many that are affected. Please take the time to hear from these beautiful, well-spoken girls and Moms tell their stories of injury after Gardasil.

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12 thoughts on “Not A Coincidence

  1. Dan, I’m very glad you put this article out there! More folks need to see the info.
    I must agree, this is NOT a coincidence!

  2. Hell is going to be HOT for the SOB’s who knew the dangers of these vaccinations that they are forcing on our children! This makes me angry beyond belief… These are our beautiful children that these monsters are destroying… Georgia guide stones anyone???

    Luke 17:2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

  3. As sad as this is and as a former nurse, people have to take responsibility for anything and everything that is health related. You can not go blindly through this world and expect to survive. We are partly responsible for what we don’t do as what we do.

    My heart goes out to these families believe me. People don’t go into nursing for the fun or the money they really care, well at least the majority of them do. Who wants to spend their days cleaning up old people, watching people vomiting and bloody runny stools pouring out.

    But I scream at people to not jump in and do as people tell you. Do the research first its free online and you learn the truth of this money making failure for health.

    That’s my take on this.

    1. I don`t know about that GrinNBarrett.
      If a dr. or nurse will prescribe a medicine or write a script then it is the dr.s responsibility to inform the patient what the known side effects are and then let the patient decide to follow or not follow the dr.s advice if the patient is going to the dr. in the first place. Other wise the dr./quack – quack meaning dr. – has no business prescribing in the first place imoho

      1. Doctors have no time reading up on things they only know what the reps tell them why they don’t even know what the inserts say. Often the pharmacist has instructions of what to not eat or drink with a medication and all the side effects.

        Either the people take control of their own lives or they suffer the consequences.

  4. for around 10 years now i have been telling people not to take ANY vaccines for any reason. I told my insurance guy (who was reminding me to get my flu shot) what was in that vaccine, and he sounded surprised saying he was going to check, it out. ppl are starting to wake up. some are saving their own lives by not taking this crap into their bodies.

    1. Yes Paul, keep spreading the word on these vacines.
      Yea, it is amazing that we are all supposed to get insurance, but then they do not even know the side effects of some of these pharmaceuticals.

      1. yes brother. they say what they are trained to say. I’m sure they are sincere, but they are sincerely wrong, and don’t know it. The dr. i have is female. chose her because she has compassion, which most male dr,.’s don’t have. she knows i have homeopathic knowledge etc. and trusts me to focus on my problems. very cooperative when i tell her what i need, and always prescribes it for me. i only take one pharmaceutical for pinched nerve, and ostio arthritis when pain gets overwhelming, and another for incomplete right hand bundle branch block in my heart. She knows that i have in depth knowledge on those conditions, and prescribes it for me with little resistance. i am very fortunate to have her. I see her about once ever 3 or 4 years. hah.

        1. You are a lucky guy Paul to have that dr.. Much like me with those that have help me these last few days. 😉 . Not forgetting all you great guys and gals here at FTTWR

          1. oooooooooooohh yes Dan im soooo glad someone could get to you and help. You are going through some rough times my friend. been praying. others have been too. hang in there brother. 🙂

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