Not a Good Day – I40 Eastbound J west of Oklahoma City 1:50PM

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  1. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    The cops did show, they were holding back. No emergency fire crews arrived yet. This 5th wheel eventually would have burned up as well, I didnt stick around to find out. It was around 95 degrees outside at least. Didnt see occupants of truck anywhere.

    Just west of Oklahoma City, about 30 miles.

    Not a fun thing to see .

  2. Katie says:

    Wow! Not a good day for those folks.

  3. galen says:

    Stay safe, Mark, and I hope there’s a beautiful mountain around the next bend.



  4. Enemy of the State says:

    What a drag
    I had a class A motor home go up in flames on me
    Pulling my pick up on a trailer

    It was too late for the coach by the time that little fire extinguisher gave out
    So I ran to the back and unchained my pick up truck
    And literally backed it off the trailer without the ramps very very quickly

    RV was done
    But at least I saved my daily driver
    The bummer of it all
    I just bought the RV, and was bringing it home
    No fire insurance coverage
    Fcked out of all I put in , watched it burn on the shoulder of I-75

    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

      One of lifes little mishaps buddy, shit happens. Fkg dangerous out here man.

      I had a brake fire once, broken airline, pulled the bitch over, extinguished it. Was lucky, almost man, almost. 9 grand trailer repairs. I was loaded with frozen.

      The asshole raped me… load got delivered.

      • Enemy of the State says:

        Dam that blows

        I hope those people weren’t inside the RV, or sleeping inside unaware

        • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

          I’m posting another pic showing others there that checked that they were ok. I was worried too, but saw the cop and other vehicles there.

          • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

            First one didnt go through, should be up soon. Shows the cop and some gawkers just standing there.

          • Enemy of the State says:

            Ahh ok
            Hopefully everyone got out ok

            Nasty looking start to a vacation

  5. Ed Teach says:

    Oh thats Bill. He does that all the time.

    F in oklahoma where the fire burns the home

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