Notice and Reminder to Trenchers

AT&T gave me extra high speed data yesterday so I decided to update Koyote’s laptop. I started with updating Avast anti-virus which included Google Chrome. Google Chrome has just changed it’s policy which will be effective March 31, 2020. Chrome will now read whatever you type and change what you say to fit their paradigms if you do not remove this feature. Luckily the laptop gave me the chance to remove it immediately. Just a reminder: Do NOT automatically accept updates to policies with any company now! They are all changing in an attempt to control us.

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21 thoughts on “Notice and Reminder to Trenchers

  1. When I went to fromthetrenches this morning it went right to a warning page and only gave 2 choices. To not go or accept the risk..I accepted the risk of course. My guess it is a way for them to track you,,,f-k em’.

    1. This happens about once every few months. It is an added protection for us that we never asked for and for some reason can’t get rid of. But you are right, f-k em.

  2. I almost never use Chrome anymore, mostly Opera or Firefox. I’d use Brave but it crashes way too often. Let me know of more private browsers and are not Chromium-based.

    Could not post comments before. thanks Henry for fixing this!

      1. Will consider Vivaldi if and only if it is NOT Chromium-based as is Opera, which other than that I do like. Using Opera right now. Firefox crashes too damned often and I only use it for my OmegaBooks and Protonmail sites/pages for the most part.

        1. Just found out Vivaldi IS based on Chromium, sooooo…no download at this time. I’ll stick with Opera and Firefox.

  3. I upgraded to Windows 10 finally since they stopped supporting Windows 7 Just recently.
    Windows 10 is fking horrible.
    It’s nothing but a spying operating system copying your personal information in the background to the “cloud”.
    It’s not any faster than 7…. and the best description I have for it is an ” Spying Operating System Bloatware POS.
    It was so bad….. I finally installed Linux….. Linux mint.
    Linux/UNix has come a long way from the old command line GIS systems I used to operate 15 years ago as an admin.
    1.) You don’t need Virus software on it. ( a big spyware issue and CPU time process sucker)
    2.) It’s free…..
    3.) Open source still so if you want to code apps there is still room to freely code.

    4.) Allows you to install OS and Application upgrades when you choose. “”Windows 10 will not give you that option. Maybe a delay….. in updates… but their software is so buggy that Zero day exploits can fk up your day if you alter the update settings.

    It’s an easy install…(Linux) Youtube can walk you through it. Pretty straight forward. Good support sites.
    Download linux onto a USB…. to boot for the install.
    In windows 10…. you pull up the disk administrator and simply shrink the drive for a partition to install Linux.
    Boot to the USB and that’s pretty much it…..
    Look at some of the videos on Linux mint on Youtube.
    I wish I would have installed Linux mint before upgrading to Windows 10.
    It’s so easy….. even a caveman could do it. You have options to free yourself.
    Plus you can dual boot to either OS.
    Next I’ll be testing the Linux server software OS.
    Take a look at how much sht is running in the background with windows 10.
    Demo software…..
    You’ll be horrified.
    The full version you pay for (glasswire) after the demo will allow you to actually shut off the crap in the background at the proxy level… Pretty sweet.
    Anyway…. I still use Windows 10 because I still have to cutover e-mail etc…. to linux.
    But I was impressed with it’s (linux flavors) speed and low overhead and scalability to run on different old hardware platforms.
    Oh did I forget to mention…..
    Now with all this spare time people could play with the OS.
    FireFox is the default browser in linux mint …. although I have installed the Brave browser on mine.
    In summary….
    Windows 10 is Bloatware.
    OH ….
    I almost forgot.
    “Providing Viable Practical Solutions.
    In a world with F*cked up answers”.

    Ahhhh….. timeout….relax.

    1. Yep, my Windows 7 laptop which is 7 years old is going to go on the fritz soon and I really don’t want to have to buy a Windows 10 laptop…and thanks to Chrome’s crap, I don’t want to buy a Chromebook either! (I have an old one I only use for emergencies).

      Thanks for the info on Linux Mint. I hope I can handle it when necessary…I am no techie for sure!

    2. Thanks for the info on Linux flee. I was planning to look into it. I learned of the slow up on Windows 10 being the constant operation of Cortana and found a free download to de-activate Cortana which I do often. Time to look into Linux.

    3. I’m still hanging on to my 7 ya I know no support but hate hate windows 10 as so many who have it hate it…don’t want to go there….thanks so much for your information

  4. Duck-Duck-Go is a good search engine but not a browser. And when Firefox updated a month ago it stopped using Duck-Duck-Go and now uses Google! IMHO, Mozilla is a sell out to the criminal psycho elites. And Brave and Opera also use Google-based Chromium. I’ll look into Vivaldi.

  5. Seriously? USING ANYTHING GOOLAG? Wow.

    Brave browser.

    Search: Ecosia. Qwant.

    ‘Bing is a search engine’ Google is a weapon’

    Linux Ubuntu (or other Linux platforms)

    Phone: Rerooted and uploaded Linux. Works even better.

    I use absolutely nothing Goolag. And WAS using another search E (can’t remember who it was, now) – but when I questioned their crap-returns, they admitted they use Goolag’s algorithms.

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