The Notorious Banned FOX 9-11-2001 News Footage Israeli/Mossad Links


Published on Feb 28, 2013

This was aired then immediately banned and removed from the Fox archives right after 9-11, a lot have people still have never seen it and is a must for the first step in the process.…

Israeli site shows photo of kids dressed as burning Twin Towers for Purim.…

3 thoughts on “The Notorious Banned FOX 9-11-2001 News Footage Israeli/Mossad Links

  1. The hardest part about all this is that no matter what we uncover and reveal, no matter how much proof or how many smoking guns, we’re just dismissed like bothersome mosquitoes. The efforts of so many good folks diggin’ for truth, and of so many scholarly researchers, for 16 years giving their all, you’d think it would add up to something. I have people in my life who still believe the “official” story. This has been the hardest nut to crack. And of course, the label of “anti-Semite” flies everywhere. Still, we know who was “dancing” on 9/11.



    1. Spot on.

      My GF posted on her FB page the other night, and her family went bonkers, and want her ex-communicated for such blaspheme.

      As I always say;

      “So…..over scientists, scholars, military aviators, physicists, building architects and engineers – AND demolitions experts, filling millions of pages of research with facts, evidence, and Laws of Physics…..

      You CHOOSE to believe…….politicians?

      Oh. Okay….”

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