November 6th – Idiot Affirmation Day

Well today is the big day when the American idiots will come forth en mass to add their affirmation to another four years of deprivation and abuse.  And no I’m not saying Obama is going to win.  The deprivation and abuse will come no matter who is to be the front and center meat puppet for the next term.

I saw Michele Obama at her last solo event before the election, begging the people for another four years of her own private plane and bi-monthly vacations to Hawaii.  Of course she is offering her services as nutrition czar in trade.  What a pathetic state of affairs.

Meanwhile, back at the hurricane disaster zone, 1.3 million are still without electricity as a Nor’easter closes in.  It is quite fitting actually, a real blood sacrifice to consecrate the blasphemy this election represents.  Too hard core?  Do you think life should be more important than an election?  Well, not in these United States.

Generators that could be providing electricity, hence heat, that would save human lives are being diverted to run Diebold voting machines.  You know the ones, you push the button that says Ron Paul and it punches McCain on your ballot.

The deprivation in our country grows worse, day by day, and will continue to do so, right up until the collapse.   And the degree to which each and every one of us is affected is going to depend upon our preparedness.  There are a lot of Americans in New York and New Jersey right now that are wishing they had been among the prepper population.  And the storm of feces coming is going to make superstorm Sandy seem like nothing more than a light morning dew in comparison.

I think everyone’s mind is going to be blown at how fast the dire situation we are in is brought back front and center in reality.  The fact is I am amazed at the degree the propaganda machine has been able to hide it.  They have to have every finger and every toe in one hole or another in the dam.  And when they finally step back there will be nothing to stop the collapse.

A lot of people are going to be cold and hungry this winter as the warm fuzzy Christmas programming comes across the idiot box to the rest, and those who can will stay in their trance right up until the electricity goes off.  Then they will look around at their lack of preparedness and realize how foolish they have been.  Then will come the moment of truth.  The choice will be clear.  Drop down into the fetal position and succumb to apathy or roll up your sleeves and start fighting back.

For those who are actually going out to vote today, you can simply sit back and wait for this wonderful government you have endorsed to come to your rescue.  You know, like they are coming to the rescue of the poor folks at Rockaway, New York.  And each and every one of you are going to get exactly what you deserve for your active participation in this fraud and treason.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

83 thoughts on “November 6th – Idiot Affirmation Day

  1. I can honestly say that I have never voted in this system of the Synagog of Satan… Oop’s, wait a second, I just remembered, I did vote for president and vice-president of my elementary school back in the 5th and 6th grade, and Little League Baseball, and you know what… they were rigged also!

    Everything is a fraud, a lie, a deception, and a betrayal… Just say “No” to the system, Do Not Participate!
    Become a rugged individual, self sufficient, rely on no one. Get your Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids in order. There will never be another Waco or Ruby Ridge on our watch!!!

    1. Save your votes till after the Patriots apply Gorilla “Rule .308” and “Rule .223″… Not until then, will I proudly vote for the first time and it will be the first time any of us will actually ever “truly” vote. Make it count!

  2. As I was going home from work this a.m. there was a church at an intersection being used as a polling place . They were slammed with lemmings getting ready to ” cast their ballot ” . As I went by I couldn’t help myself , I started yelling in the truck what the f… are you people doing ? You’re re-affirming the ponzi scheme . It was a rather depressing sight to see .

  3. I know most ,if not all of you will think i’m crazy, but i’m going to vote today.I’m not doing this because i think it will make a diffrence(i’m not quite that stupid)but because it is a right given to me by our forefathers.Maybe i’m a dreamer but if we don’t exersise those rights then they will all dissappear as have so many other rights and freedoms we have lost over the years.As this may be the last time we ever get to vote i want to be able to tell my grandchildren that i made the best effort before we had to go into the physical battle to get them back.I don’t think the world is going to come to an end but surly freedom is and i want to be sure that i have done everything i could before i have to go into battle to get it back,not for me, but for them.I just hope they understand that this could happen again and are smart enough to stop it from happening again.

    1. OH COME ON….Redhorse. You are just like my one other friend who I told him it would make ZERO difference who he voted for and he went ahead and voted anyways and I complained to him about it. I said I couldn’t believe he voted, knowing that the whole thing was rigged. I can’t believe you are giving into the game. That’s like giving into Satan, dude. You know better than that.

      1. It’s okay … we are a work in progress and each and every one of us are at a different level. We’re all going to be okay. We are all one.

        1. “We are all one”? What the hell is that supposed to mean? That’s NWO rhetoric, girl. Wake the hell up. You said you have been awake for 12-13 years now and you say something like this? Anyone who is awake would never say this kind of bullshit.

          1. I meant we are all from the human family as one people …. right? … Are we not? So do we not stand together undivided? I thought we did anyway.

          2. “Stand together undivided”?

            Are you F**KING KIDDING ME? I don’t know where you are standing, but it won’t be beside me and with your actions, I’m already divided from you. And I’m sure the rest of the REAL patriots would feel the same way as I do.

        2. That statment reminds me of the one that trusted someone that was a rat snitch and busted your kids or your best friend after you introduced them and them – after they were busted – you say I`m sorry I`m sorry, I didn`t know I`m so so sorry. You and REDHORSE must have been watching too much t.v. or something – maybe fell off your rocker and hit your heads maybe? You two know better than to be involved in voting – you two deserve everything ya`ll get when the SHTF.

    2. Redhorse,
      You just committed an act of constructive treason against the Republic as this fraudulent election is a mechanism being used to that end.
      You say you want to use your vote before it is gone. Your vote has been gone for a long time and by God you know it. Your actions are duly noted.

    3. REDHORSE, if our fore fathers were around to see what our country has been lowered to the depths that it has been they would be ashamed, and by voting at any election you are saying that whoever wins this election is getting the go ahead that what they are doing is acceptable. Also – your vote doesn`t count `cause they have known who will win this election a long time ago.

    4. I voted myself a fried elk steak, coffee & huckleberry toast. Pressure canned 6-half gallon jars of meat. Heading out now to pick up a order of “target” ammo. Stopping at a “pick your poison” polling place isn’t on my list. Letting the sheep decide which side of the fence they want slaughtered on. I don’t vote for evil.

          1. Common sense is something that a lot of people do not have now days. Heck a lot of people do not even have any respect for what they have ya know. I can tell you have both BentSpear

  4. You know I turned on Yahoo today and the first article on the cover page says, “White House Race finally in voters’ hands”.

    BAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAA!!!! ROLMFAO!!! I can’t believe how they can publish such false propaganda. As if it is REALLY in the voter’s hands and as if we REALLY have a choice in the matter. And the trolls commenting on there, telling everyone that this is the big day and that we should all get out and vote and continue this ponzi scheme and whoever wins will make or break our nation is absolutely despicable. These sheeple deserve to be put in concentration camps to be slaughtered.

  5. I have a confession ….. knowing what I’ve known for the past 12 or 13 years, I voted two weeks ago via mail in ballot. However, I wrote in RP even though I know he is no longer running, and even though I know it won’t make any difference. Part of me still wanted to participate in the process which I know in my heart is a fraud. Don’t ask me why. I don’t yet have an answer for that. Maybe there is still a fragment of me that hasn’t totally let go of the sheeple remnants in me that I’ve not let go of in my growth process. Have faith in me …. I’ll get there. I’m a work in progress.

    1. CATHLEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??!!! It is NOT ok and this “Work in Progress” thing is the biggest bullshit excuse I’ve ever heard. If we don’t stand up to the system and make an example, then we are just part of the problem. Anyone who voted after posting on here for the longest time, ought to be ashamed of themselves. I’m serious. You guys think it is all a joke and want to say, “Oh well” and give up. What kind of patriots are you?!!! A bunch of demented fools!! I’m really sick of two-faced hypocrites who just go ahead anyways. It’s like a socialist tactic where you play along to get along. WE ARE PATRIOTS! We don’t need to play along, to get along!! GROW SOME BALLS!!! Stand up for yourselves. It’s things like this that make me realize we have no hope in our country. If we can’t stand up to the fraud by not voting, then how the HELL are we going to be expected to stand up to the enemy in physical battle when they come to ship us away to FEMA camps? Are you going to be that person who will just give in after yelling at a police officer and then turn around to be handcuffed or are you going to be that person who will stand up and fight to the very last man for your freedom and your children’s freedom and for the freedom of our country? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This is not a game to joke about. This is a fight for our survival. A fight for the survival of our families and our countrymen. If you want to play that game, then go to YAHOO and be with the sheeple. I don’t want to have any part of people like this. GROW UP!! STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES or get the HELL OUTTA MY WAY!!!!

    2. Cathleen,
      Swallow the goddam red pill. The days of fence walking are at an end. You just added credibility to the fraud that me, my children, and grandchildren, are going to have to live with.
      Shame on you and anyone who participates in this treason. Your actions are duly noted.

        1. No, you come on, Cathleen. A person builds the ammunition that is shipped to the front that is put in the gun that shoots me or one of my brothers or sisters. Is the person that built the ammunition innocent?
          Just tell me you believe Monsanto cannot buy the result they want on Prop 37. If Prop 37 does pass, it will not be because you voted for it, it will be because they see us patriots out here united and absolute in our resolve and because they fear us. If it does not pass, it will be because enough people went to the polls and showed them that there are still enough left who will acquiesce.
          I do not want you as my enemy but I cannot tie my life to those who will not stand for what they know is right.
          Unquestionably the elections are a fraud. You can’t just kind of participate in a fraud. It is all in or all out. You need to choose your side of the fence and plant your feet firmly where you intend to stand. If we cannot count on one another, we are in big trouble.
          Think about it.

    3. I voted for Ron Paul too, Cathleen. I will not allow the Govt. to dictate to me what I should do, and neither will I allow the people on this site to do so. It’s called freedom. I thought that’s what we were all fighting for.

      1. It is also your freedom to support gun control, cybercontrol, corporate courts, the Patriot Act, and the NDAA. And it is my freedom to make war on you for the restitution of the Republic.

          1. Gee, aren’t you the idealist. Boy, you stood up to us. Too bad people like you cannot show the same unwavering determination when standing up to those who cow you like a whimpering pup. Best to know which side of the fence you are on.
            You affirm the treason through your participation. You knew you were participating in a fraud, yet you did so anyway, because you are institutionalized within the system. You couldn’t not vote. Your programming wouldn’t allow it.
            At least we all know where we stand.
            Hope Ron Paul is there to stand by your side when they come to take you away.
            Your position is duly noted and registered for future reference.

          2. @ Henry, Yea no doubt Henry – just look at the response clark made on the article ” China and Japan: who will lose patience first.” — Like I always said Henry ” Good things never change because they were ment to be that way!” P.S. Henry, I am not the smartest tack in the bunch here but I damned well am not the dumnest one either. At least I know what I am made of by experience!!! Personaly I love this site and hope nothing ever happens to it – as I have always have said – and I have turned on a few people on to this site and they are with me on this one!!! And I can stand tall too at least we know what we are about .

  6. NC
    I know it will not make a diffrence and it is rigged and the outcome will be the same whoever wins.My reason is because it is one of our last freedoms we have that were given to us, and out of respect for our forefathers.I’m not giving in, i’m giving up, as i’m sure this will be the last time i get to do this.

    1. Redhorse, you’re logic makes no sense to me. Giving up? Why don’t you just hold out your hands to be handcuffed by the police now? I’m so ashamed to be hearing that from you. These are not the words of a patriot but the words of defeatist. Patriots don’t give in!

  7. I’ll say this only once,don’t ever question my loyalty to this country.I spent fifteen years defending her and i will not be called treasonous by anyone.I’ll see you on the battlefield,i’ll be the one still standing for freedom.

    1. If you lend aid to my enemy, you are my enemy and I will see you on the battlefield and we will be facing one another.

    2. Actions speak louder than words and I hope yours speak louder on the battlefield than your words on this site. That’s all I’m going to say.

      1. NC and @ Henry. I cannot believe the crap that I am hearing from redhorse and cathleen today. Are they drunk or something. I dream of a free and equal land and these guys are sending the free and equal dream right down the old crapper, dammit. —-They suck comming on this site commenting and all and then doing this voting bullshit crap. Here I am changing a bunch of people from voting and now hearing this crap talk from redhorse and cathleen – I guess we know who supports who, don`t we NC and Henry. By the way I am going into town now for a bit to make sure that those that said they were not voting are not voting.

    3. NO NO NO REDHORSE, you defended and fought for a demented and corrupt govt. you may have thought you were defending our country but you were deceived by the very same people that you and Cathleen voted for. If you defend our country you would be refusing to support those that are ruining and have been taking away our freedoms !!!! Yep REDHORSE you sure a fine example to show your kids and grand kids. If you are still around make sure you defend martial law and defend the fema camps because that is only part of what people like you have approved by voting. You REDHORSE and you too Cathleen are a fine example of someone who voted for the very ones that have been nickle and dimeing our freedoms away from us true people of this land of ours. I NEVER THOUGHT SOMEONE YOUR AGE WOULD FALL FOR THIS ELECTION CRAP.

  8. After realizing in high school that the electoral college decides the votes, I have never voted and I never will vote because I had the intelligence to know that our vote didn’t matter because a group of people who could be bribed could just change the damn votes without anyone knowing and my teacher tried to cover his tracks by saying that the electoral college represents our vote. And people thought I was naive. Unbelievable. 15 years later, and it looks like I finally proved my point. This system is broke and corrupt. Giving into it ensures our failure and defeat. Shame on all who do.

  9. Okay … I’m done here. Come on … people don’t help people grow by attacking them … especially when they’re honest and open with their comments.

    1. Cathleen, if you don’t have the strength to stand up in the face of your enemy now with a simple NO VOTE, then how the HELL are you going to be strong enough in the face of your enemy when the time comes? You should be ashamed!

      There’s a time to be open or casual and a time to be serious. We are at war for the survival of our country!! Now is the time to be serious!!!

  10. Do not shame me for exercising my free Will.

    The most important thing for me in this election was to see that my vote counted for Prop. 37 alone for GMO labeling of my food. I was not going to leave the office of President blank on the ballot and I’m proud to say I stood for Ron Paul as a write in.

    So I respectfully ask that you back away from attacking me!!! I am here to say I am defending my actions!!!

    Y’all had a good day.

    1. You are one sick puppy thinking your vote will have any effect on prop. 37!! That is a bullshit excuse and you know it. Burn those damn GMO feilds, do not buy GMO products, refuse to support the bastards that support GMO`s.

  11. I was connected with the Constitutional Militia for quiet a few years.
    I walked away a little over a year ago,…frustrated and fed up with the very people who should know better. These same people were the ones who would stand and preach from their soap-box’s about Freedom,..the BOR and the Constitution. In one breath they would damn the US Govt. and in the next parrot and believe verbatim every Zionist news reporter who claimed ISRAHELL was our friends and the IRANIANS….or the……..or the….(fill in the blank with your favorite axis of evil) were bad guys and hell bent on attacking America. These same folk who bitched about Obamma’s treasonous actions and PEO’s would turn and defend every action GW ever took,..him and His Chenneyite warmongers.
    These people who speak the loudest and challenge your Courage and Patriotism ,…would hold up the John Hagee Zionist-Christian banner and declare death to all Americas enemies……What a bunch of blinded hypocritical f#@king idiots!!!
    Now today we see and hear so called awakened Patriots around the nation who have shown their true colours and have returned to the masters table to lick the vomit of slavery.

    I am a very outspoken Patriot…a hard ass if you will. But I say this…and LISTEN GOOD!!!! Your life will depend on it. Be very careful whom you allow into your cells or groups,..your inner circles…..your comm diligent in estimating your opposition and sizing up that person that you think you are going to share secrets with.
    Even CHRIST said there were enemies in ones own house hold.
    Trust very very few people…and those only guardedly……..just as in the late 1700’s….the very peopl whom you call friend and neighbor will sell you out for 30 shillings .
    Now it should be clear why the Revolution was fought by only 3% of the population.
    I will not damn anyone who decides to turn back………but that individual will be duly marked for the coming storm.

    1. You got the the part about “group infiltrators” dead nuts on! I & some others damn near got throwed in one of the camps everyone is yakking about several years ago! Sore subject with me. I swore an Oath over 4 decades ago….figure that one Oath is good enough & I already belong to a long line of pre-existing Oath Keepers.

      For the people that do vote, fine….I defend your Right to my last bullet. What I will NOT defend is your self imposed ignorance that puts me, mine & others in harm’s way.

  12. Time for cool heads, in a democracy we are allowed to vote, in a hypocrisy we are allowed to vote. It is your choice. What is at issue is that Corporate power owns the political system and the two jokers that would be president.

    The corporations that own the system are evil, the Israeli lobby, the military industrial complex and the private bankers that issue all dollars as our personal debt. The treasonous SCOTUS ruled that unlimited political funding can be made by corporations and that is why we the people are frustrated as we no longer matter. Our loss of liberty and our future poverty is assured as these Luciferian zionist corporates are now in the process of taking over our lives.

    Ahead is a battle that few are prepared for. When evil rules the world we have arrived at the time of the rule by the antichrist. Personally we need to stash food, stash precious metals to protect against the coming dollar collapse and realize that we are true spiritual beings and we have the divine on our side.

    Collectively we need to educate ourselves and others through good alternate media sites and through our intelligent conversations so that in unity we eventually conquer through the unique power of consciousness bestowed by the divine on all human kind.

    There is much work to be done in our fight against the evil of treasonous zionism, the battle ahead should never become a fight against our good brothers in arms. The zionist conflicts worldwide should show us the stupidity attached to fighting and dying for their sole zionist benefit.

    The battle may not be as you assume, all branches of Government are under their control and the collapse of the dollar by these evil bastards will see desperation and poverty that will frighten even the most prepared.

    The Coming will see a world of two classes, those with wealth who have prepared and those destined to serve. Beggars are easily satisfied.

  13. Yesterday,our local paper had an article about the 2012 selection – its headline read, ‘Final Days!’ Boy, was that spot-on.
    I voted – in the primary for Ron Paul, of course. When the ptb screwed him over despite his Obvious strong strong popular support (and zero support for mittens), that was the end. I received an absentee ballot for today’s selection and was gonna write in Ron Paul, but then I misplaced the ballot, which I took as a sign my voting days were over.

    1. So what the F is wrong with you. You vote for some one and you vote to be a follower. We all know that they all work for the same elite ones – Ron Paul has a lot of good things to say but the botton line is that what they say goes and eventualy the people will go if you are not part of their inner circle, PERIOD!!!!!!!! are you a part of their inner circle too tbrount?

  14. I don’t know what’s going on, but here in Yuma the election polls have lines going for at least a full block. What the Flock!!! Ain’t never seen it like this. Anyone else notice anything similar?

  15. I’ll vote again when ALL the Zionist scum are dead, and there’s no one but true patriots running for office.

    Three words, and I’m out of this one: VOTING IS USELESS!!!

    1. I think Zioturds will be here long after my expiration date. Would be nice to show up to the party early & dump Everclear or Jimson Weed into their punch bowl. Get this party rolling.

      1. Do you mean like the Boston Tea Party – I am not good with history lessons ya know BentSpear – but seems to me they used that jimson weed for a good intoxicant at one of those times back then. Damn I wish I was better at remembering things like that. I realy did know about things like that till my ex slipped me a micky and tried to do me in – wouldn`t ya know it – my tollerance was too damn high. Yea the Dr.s and my ex did their best to fry me, they got part of my memory but they didn`t get me!!!!!

        1. I lost my memory in the 70’s, and 80’s… well, and the 90’s too! I think, I can’t remember. hehe I’ve been clean now, about 8 yrs, just in time to get ready for the war!

        2. A mixture of grain alcohol & botanical CNS depressants. Jimson weed was used in a Roman Battle (don’t recall). Locals ground the seed into the barley gruel & fed it to the Romans. Romans got to trippin’ & immobilized, the locals came in & slaughtered them.

          1. Me and a few friends did some datura – prety much the same I guess – about 10 yr.s ago and it realy screwed our eyes up and they are still bad since then. Learned my lesson with that stuff we did. Those plants are very powerful. Yep, it taught me much forgotten respect for the plant gods!!! Some are very powerfuly good and some are very powerfuly bad!!! I religiously experienced many of them in religious settings I have and have learned a lot of very powerful medicine and honor. I am very grateful for what the plants have taught me. They were a very honest but humbling experience every time.

  16. “It was Egypt’s President Sadat, shortly before he was assassinated in October 1981, who gave me the most revealing insight into what it was really like to negotiate with Israel. He told me that Israel’s negotiating strategy was to wear you out, to exhaust you, to make you so “fed up” that, at a point, yo had to decide either to walk away from negotiations and take the blame for failure, or, if you were not to go mad, to throw up your hands and say, “Okay, you win. I’ll agree to more or less whatever you want.””

    (“Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews: David becomes Goliath” by Alan Hart, pg. 103)

    For those of you on this site who decided to vote in the fraud elections today and for those who hold out their hands to be handcuffed after yelling at policeman who abuse their authority and beat on people, instead of fighting them, and for those who basically give in to the police state and the acceptance of everything you know is morally wrong and corrupt, you guys just basically lost one of many major battles in the long war against Zionist Israel, as they are now cheering with glee at having exhausted you out and making you give in. They claim to have all the time in the world and you just played right into their hands. As I said before, we need Patriots NOT Defeatists.

    1. Damn right NC! I went into town today and asked around if they voted and guess what – they thought that I turn coated on them – They said of course not! They also said we do not have anything to complain about if we voted. I also drove by the place where they are supposed to vote – at the town hall here – and I only saw 2 vehicles there and they were township workers LOL. No fooling! Where I come from we believe in honesty and trustworthyness and there is not even one that is in our govt. that is either – so why even waste the time – you guys – that actualy did play the idiot card and vote – are them guys a bunch of freakin idiotic brain dead dumb fuc*ers? I guess that some people still do not even know where the bear sh*ts in the woods do they NC.

  17. A little history for you all:

    “there was no need for Israel to have formal peace treaties with any of the Arab states. Ben-Gurion gave three reasons:

    With the passage of time the world would get used to Israel’s existing borders and would “forget” about the partition plan borders. Israel would not be pressed in any meaningful way by the international community to return to them.

    With the passage of time the world would “forget” about the UN idea of an independent Palestinian state and, apart from “moral pressure” from the UN (which naturally would run like water off the back the Zionist duck), the Jewish state would not be pressed in any meaningful way to slow the Palestinians to return or be compensated.

    With the passage of time the world would “forget” about the UN idea of internationalizing Jerusalem. People, Ben-Gurion said, were already getting used to the situation n the ground there and beginning to see the absurdity of the idea of suddenly establishing an international regime over the city.

    In effect Ben-Gurion was saying something like the following, “Provided we Zionists continue to play the holocaust card for all its worth, and provided we can convince the Western world that our little state is in danger of being annihilated, we can do what the hell we like in this region.””

    (“Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews: David Becomes Goliath” by Alan Hart pgs. 104-105)

    And so it continues even today and not just in Israel but in the U.S. as well. Over time the sheeple (with the help of the MSM) “forgot” or have become accustomed to drones which at first made the people outraged. Then TSA coming into existence and then the U.S. and U.N. troops invading our cities in the form of security or humanitarian assistance after we know that the Zionist Jews controlling our government were the ones that started it all in the first place. Then the bankers and their bribing of our government officials. Then the illegal immigrants and voter fraud. Don’t you people see what is happening now. It is the slowly boiling of the frog. By giving up or “giving in” to “play along to get along”, you are only speeding up your defeat and your country’s defeat to Zionism. All they want you to do is to slowly accept and “forget”. They say they have all the time in the world and will keep playing long after you are gone and your children are gone. My question is will you let them continue with it by playing “pass the ball” to your children and their children and so on, instead of striking them hard RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!!??? The only way we can win is if we stand and fight NOW! The longer we wait, the easier it will be for the Zionists to win. Gaining control of the Middle East through their military expansion is not the only thing they want. They want control of America, Europe and the rest of the world as well and they say they have all the time in the world to do it. They don’t care about sanctions, the U.N., international governments or outsiders (which they now mostly control). They are all just a means to an end for them.They only care about their Zionist rule and all human beings on this planet can die for all they care. I say we turn the tables and make these Zionists F**KERS more EXTINCT than the dinosaurs themselves!!!!

    As the saying goes, “Don’t put off for tomorrow, what can be done today.”

    I say we take back our country and we make our OWN HISTORY AND OUR OWN FUTURE and we start by doing it NOW!!!

  18. I just have this one thing to say to those who voted for Ron Paul or wrote him in. You know the system is corrupt. You know the ballots can either be ripped up or changed in the DIEBOLD voting machines. By voting for ANYBODY other than Romney or Obama, you are basically voting FOR Romney or Obama! What I mean is that they will just take your vote and change and add it to Romney or Obama and in doing so, the MSM will spin it to make it look like everyone turned out to vote for Romney or Obama and therefore no one will know the difference and will just go back to yelling at each other.

    The whole point of NOT voting was to show the powers that be that you are NOT falling for their fraudulent system and that by having a lower voter turnout or a boycott, it would show them that we weren’t backing down. Why do you think they got illegals and the Dream Act? Because they were afraid they weren’t going to get a high voter turn out. But now that you voted, you just helped them out and saved their asses!!! As I said before, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!???

    1. NC,..not only that but in two elections he screwed over his electorate at the end of the day……..promising revolution and real solutions……only to concede like a whipped pup at run back to his zion controllers at the very end. And no I didnt vote that time either

      I had started t believe Dr. Pauls rehtoric the first time…..but watched in amazement at how he stiffed the public. I can believe these foolish people would allow themselves to get fuc*ed over again

  19. Wow. Obama keeps getting the majority of the electoral votes while Romney keeps getting a majority of the popular votes. Imagine that. It kinda reminds me of the Bush and Gore election except this time the Democrats have the electoral votes while the Republicans have the popular vote. Think the voters will fall for or play along with this same fraudulent election game again that we saw in 2000 and will just let bygones be bygones? If not, we may see the start of race riots which is just what the Zionist Jews may have had in mind. A great deep divide between the rich bankers on Wall St. bitching and fighting against the lower class and race.

    I tell ya, this election is as rigged as a WWE main event wrestling match.

    1. NC, I have been planning for riots a long time. I went out yesterday and topped off all of my fuel tanks just in case I have to head to the Hidey-Hole. I keep plenty of fuel but more is better! and the Hidey-hole is 12hrs away.

  20. Oh boy, Obama now has 244 electoral votes with Romney only 193, yet Romney still has a majority of the popular votes. Imagine that. Here we go again. Bush and Gore election.

  21. Obama just won the 270 electoral votes needed to win, yet Romney wins the popular vote. (275-203) I’m smelling deep divide and anger in the people tomorrow. It’s Bush and Gore all over again. Beware everyone!

      1. Ugh! Let the political games begin.

        Remember that rich businessman the other day who said that if Obama won, he would lay off all his workers? Well, I guess we will find out if he is either all talk or he means what he says. And if he starts that, then others may likely follow and place the blame on Obama and the people will follow them in their political corporate party game like a bunch of sheeple and blame Obama as well. And they will also blame Obama for the reason why the unemployment rate being increased and so on, rather than the assholes who were the ones that actually cut the damn jobs in the first place because they feared they wouldn’t make their greedy profits if they didn’t do so. Mind you, I am in no way advocating for that narcissistic psychopath, Obama. I’m just looking at the possible scenario being arranged here as we know they are all a bunch of sickos!

    1. HA HA HA HA HA HA – WHA – HA HA HA HA HA HA I heard that too NC. What a frickin joke!!!!!!!! Hope all those that voted are happy – after all – they did vote didn`t` they. NOW THEY ALL CAN BE FOLLOWING THE LAWS EH. I DIDN~T VOTE EITHER NC SO THEY CAN LIVE THEIR LIFE AND US THAT DIDN`T VOTE CAN LIVE OURS. I HOPE THEM FCKS ARE HAPPY NOW THAT THEY PARTICIPATED IN THIS FRAUD – DAMN THEM TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Like pissing on a forest fire….you’ll feel better at first, but your wiener still gets roasted. Like this whole thing wasn’t foretold?

  22. You know, I’m looking at the popular vote on the MSM and it shows that only 46,000,000 people voted for Obama and 46,000,000 people voted for Romney. Now I’m no mathematician but if there are 300,000,000 people in this country, then that would mean that only 92,000,000 people out of 300,000,000 people voted for one of these two schmucks. And then what’s even MORE crazy is that only 46,000,000 people out of an astounding 300,000,000 people in our country support our treasonous president. I don’t even think that is a quarter of the population of the U.S. So why are we not doing anything about it and why are we still following this corrupt government when a majority of the population CLEARLY don’t support Obama, let alone Romney? And why are the military still supporting his treasonous orders when he doesn’t even have the support of the majority of the total population of the U.S.? What do you all have to say about that?

      1. Yea, that’s true. I forgot about that. Ok, so subtract about 50,000,000 of them. They can’t all be under-aged voters. But that still leaves an over-abundant majority of people who don’t support the treasonous president.

        1. That’s it for me. Just bought “The Avengers”.

          Too bad it’s just aliens they’re exterminating in that movie, rather than politicians.

    1. The sheep have hyperventilated themselves into mindless fear. Bread & Circuses another 4 years? Don’t think so. The bar tab is past due on this Happy Hour.

  23. Now that the Satanic Ritual is closing & the crowds have that gut hollow feeling of a flat spare tire, what positive steps can you do to ensure the survival of you, your family & your country? I just hope when you do a deep soul searching you find viable answers. I’ll keep my salt for myself because this festering wound our Country has had for decades won’t heal until ALL the people become PROACTIVE in it’s healing. The rotting flesh must be cut away so the living tissue can regenerate & heal. Until that’s done, we will wallow in our own puss & excrement.

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