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Now Why Would Cops Need to Kill a Pet Parakeet?

To answer the question posed in the articles heading ……..

Most likely to cause trauma in the minds of their victims and because they could. Since peace keepers became law enforcement, they’ve lost not only their souls and their basic humanity, but our respect. They’ve become mindless yes men and drones, eager to do their master’s bidding in hopes of receiving table scraps.

To this I say, “ Death To ALL Tyrants!”  

Activist Post – by Amanda Warren

The hundreds of pet dogs that get unnecessarily blasted by police each year, sometimes that many in just one city annually, are no accident. Devastated pet owners wonder why there isn’t training in place to deal with “animal encounters”  – as though if only the police understood more they could be equipped to deal with the situation.

Hogwash. One could readily suspect that there is likely training in place ordering cops to kill the animals first – no questions asked. Ever. Then the complaints can be only ostensibly dealt with in the law enforcement version of a customer service ticket.

The tiresome claim is that they “felt threatened.” If so, then how can this be a recently burgeoning trend? A trend that is upheld even though exactly zero cops have died by jaws of domesticated pooches.

So why would a beloved parakeet named Tito need to die under a cop’s jackboot?

A situation propagated by NYPD police escalated to violent levels for Evelyn Lugo’s family on September 2, 2012 – an event that is now the center of a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court. Evelyn is pictured above. Despite the focus of the title, this unnecessary event is all around tragic for its violence and destruction towards an innocent family.

The Staten Island mom of 10 recounts the Labor Day barbecue gathering among some of her grown children. Lugo’s son Edwin Avellanet, age 26, was taking garbage out when cops did a ‘stop-and-question’ about an orange cone nearby to reserve a parking spot for family members. They demanded to see identification and he refused saying he had done nothing wrong. A cop grabbed him by the arm but he retracted his arm and went into the house.

City cops busted several windows. When Lugo opened the door to see what was happening, cops barged into her home, busting the door – no warrant of course – and beat up her family and their friends, using batons on the victims’ faces. Grandchildren were among the victims traumatized by the pepper spray used in the St. George home. A daughter allegedly had an asthma attack from the plume. The pet parakeet was ejected from its cage after commotion from the cops knocked it off a dresser.

Lugo’s daughter, Anna Febles, says she screamed “The bird!” when the officer said “F— the bird” and stepped on it, killing it.

Lugo says:

They threw me like a piece of garbage on the floor.

Apparently not enough destruction and chaos, backup cops arrived to barge in and look for Avellanet. As per the usual MO, the victims were arrested and initially faced criminal charges. Then those charges were dropped but there has been no retribution for the family, nor disciplinary action towards the cops involved.

Evelyn reports being sick, depressed and heartbroken since the incident.

Their attorney, Jason Leventhal, helping them in the suit alleging unlawful search and seizure, excessive force and malicious prosecution, said:

It was completely uncalled for. There was no excuse for going into the house without a warrant.

The whole story is head-twirling and it’s pretty shocking to read about a parakeet crudely crunched to death for no reason by law enforcement – but this writer thinks Evelyn pulls it all into perspective when she says:

They (the cops) don’t care about us as humans, they’re going to care about the bird?

Image by Shawn Inglima You can see more images here at the source: Warning – Graphic Content, there are some gruesome facial injuries.



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4 Responses to Now Why Would Cops Need to Kill a Pet Parakeet?

  1. diggerdan says:

    I can almost guarentee that when TSHTF that the cops are going to turn yellow and come running for our side and I think we all should shoot the bastards as soon as we get a lethal shot. Cops have earned the right a long time ago to be bullet stoppers. There are many reasons why they are called pigs.and are hated so much.

  2. Sunfire says:

    This story turns my stomach! I only wish the cops had picked an armed family to try that on. Those pig bastards would have gotten their heads shot off, and rightfully so! This had absolutely nothing to do with law enforcement, this was an act carried out by gestapo pigs who believe they are gods with a gun and badge, immune to any law.

  3. Bart says:

    PITA needs to start getting involved in this type of shit, Dogs being shot by cops, now a pet bird? WTF dudes? is your manhood so small that you have to kill a defenseless bird? wow, cant wait for the day of reckoning for these types of bastards

    time to start making a list and checking it twice?

  4. George says:

    Animals. Their just sick bullies. Well bullies always get their comeuppance.

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