NSA ‘blackmails’ members of Congress

Press TV

An American investigative journalist says the US National Security Agency “possesses highly embarrassing communications” of some members of Congress, using the records to “blackmail” the lawmakers.

Wayne Madsen said a hearing on the NSA’s spying programs scheduled to be held at Congress on Wednesday is just “for public consumption.”  

Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson has invited the critics of the NSA spying programs to a Wednesday hearing in order to stop “constant misleading information from intelligence chiefs.”

Glenn Greenwald, a prominent American journalist working with Britain’s Guardian newspaper who published leaks about the NSA’s spying programs, has said he would testify before Congress via video.

“I believe that Glenn Greenwald will probably go over some of the revelations that we now already know,” Madsen said in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

However, Madsen expressed doubts that the hearing would have a positive outcome for US citizens, saying NSA head Gen. Keith Alexander has lobbied against an amendment that sought to curb the agency’s powers to collect data on phone calls of millions of Americans.

The US House of Representatives voted 217-205 Wednesday against an amendment which would have required the government to identify a person under investigation before it could collect the person’s phone call records.

“I’m not sure that issue will come up but it’s very important issue that Gen. Keith Alexander personally lobbied against the passage of that bill,” Madsen said.

“He is in violation of federal law and should be prosecuted but he won’t because Eric Holder, the Attorney General, and Mr. Obama are on the same page as the Congressional Democrats and Republicans who lined up to defeat the legislation that would limit NSA’s ability to conduct this dragnet surveillance and stockpiling of personal data of Americans,” the journalist added.



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6 thoughts on “NSA ‘blackmails’ members of Congress

  1. More criminals doing more criminal crap. We may need to hang two people with the same rope at this rate.
    But we knew this already…

  2. Notto: this is another reason why we need to legalize growing hemp…Hemp makes very strong rope. The truth is tho, that I dont want to hang anyone, I would rather they rot in guantanamo, then when they die, they can rot in hell forever…the pieces of shyte…the rockefellers and rothchilds and their families will rot in hell,…one day. The amount of emails I get about some type of “different than human” beings are controlling this planet? Even the Bible talks about it. David Icke may be right after all, they are friggin reptiles.
    Ok, enough, I bought a new guitar, it came in the mail Friday, I am going to an open mic club tonite and try it on an audience…Wanna see it? It sounds beautiful. I lost a very close loved one, so I bought a guitar, I will figure out how to pay for it in about 30-45 days.. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/ibanez-ael2012etks-12-string-cutaway-acoustic-electric-guitar

  3. Sure some of the members of congress are blackmailed….but some of them own stocks in the companies that make and build war machines. I’m sorry I can’t provide any links but take a look at John Kerry’s publicly stated and owned stocks.
    It’s like that old song…”We oil the jaws of the war machine and feed it with our babies!”
    A lot of our so called “representatives” are making money from people dying.

  4. Most Congresscritters can’t even pass a honest basic background check due to past & present activities. How many of these turds got into office on fudged background information being kept from public view, which is being used as blackmail by the Zionists?

  5. 217-205 vote?

    That’s 422, what happened to the other 13 members? Were they too busy to do their job or did the NSA have so much trash on them, they didn’t even bother to show up?

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