9 thoughts on “NSA Spying Never Catches Israelis?

  1. Of course no Israeli agents have ever been caught. Israel runs the NSA. Only a fool would think that anything embarrassing to Israel would be discovered. Americans will eventually realize that America is no longer a free and independent country……….it is run by agents of Israel for Israel.

  2. Pretty stupid headline question. How would one expect a Zioturd to catch a Zioturd? About as bad as the DOJ policing itself or the IRS investigating itself. The Zioturds have this whole criminal government by the balls & our local governments are sucking off that big teat to get these “free” Federal Grants. Local LEO is a good example; all that fancy body armor, weapons & UA vehicles couldn’t even be rented, let alone bought with most local tax bases. Isrealhell Zioturds are the root for most of this bullsh!t.

  3. That is not true. Pollard is the worst spy ever caught and he was a Jew spying for Israel and is still in jail.

    1. They didn’t have much choice with Pollard if anti-espionage laws were going to continue to have any meaning at all. He directly caused the deaths of hundreds of intelligence assets and essentially brought about the rolling up of our entire humint resources in the USSR. They had to throw him under the bus, Jew or not. They were willing to sacrifice this one man in order to protect the massive Israeli spying apparatus by giving people a way to say, “look, they convicted Pollard, didn’t they?” Just like you are doing here……… it’s still working all these years later.

  4. Actually the NSA may be one of your last walls of defense people, in 2000 they were the agency that put out the allerts about “Israeli Art Students” to all federal agencies. Snowden obviously plays for the NWO allstar loser squad ( russia is a NWO base after all ) as he would have been killed or detained before being allowed to flee if otherwise.

    PS Alex Jones is a Jewish agent as well as most other known “truthers” – I cannot find a single one who isn’t either babling some blavatsky based energy garbage or they are acting like lunatics like Alex. Bill Cooper tried to tell us all and blam blam blam, thats what happens to real patriots.

    Welcome to the final phase of the NWO takeover.

  5. Who’s working for who seems to be the biggest question going around: Is America Israel’s bitch or is Israel America’s bitch? Is Germany rightfully angered by American spying or are they faking anger while really being in on the spying all along with sharing agreements?

    The answer to these questions can only be found by following the chain of command back one more step, where we will discover that all nations with a privately owned central bank are controlled by international bankers. Whether you want to call those international bankers Jews, or Rothschilds, or alien reptiles, the course of action to stop the enslavement of humanity is the same: Take down the debt-based fiat money fractional reserve banking system once and for all. Private corporations should never be allowed to create our money, nor should any entity be allowed to “rent” (loan) something they do not possess. If we allow these things, the perpetrators will end up owning the earth and all of its human inhabitants as private property and slaves, just like they are. All of this NSA spying is just to combat the push-back they expect from us humans who do not wish to be slaves to central bankers.

  6. The USG knows everything about Israel we spy on them and they spy on us.In fact Israel is one of the most spyied country in the world by NSA.

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