3 thoughts on “Nugent Admitted to Multiple Affairs With Underage Girls in ’98 VH1 Documentary

  1. Gee digger, didn’t you know about that? It was common knowledge among those who listened to the “Motor City Madman.” He was notorious for having a “thing” for/with 11-14 year olds, especially (same as Elvis, though he would go a little older once in a while). “Uncle Ted” didn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs but he LOVED little girls.

    1. Maybe Alex Jones had his time with under-aged girls, too. Of course I think they would have probably been scared of looking at that fat tub of lard. lol

    2. Nope Angel I never was aware of that.I never was a fan of his any way. By the way, did the video play for ya all? It was unavailable for me. Must be a romney influence making it unavailable.

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