Nurse: Houston Hospital Instructs Employees NOT To List Vaccine Adverse Reactions

National File – by Patrick Howley

Houston Methodist Hospital is forbidding its workers from listing any adverse reactions to the Coronavirus vaccine on official records, according to a Houston Methodist nurse. Nurse Jennifer Bridges appeared on The Highwire with Del Bigree to drop the shocking revelation.

“But every time a nurse or another employee comes out with an adverse reaction, they basically tell them in the ER, they’re like, ‘No, it’s not an adverse reaction. This is just an intolerance.’ And they don’t report it properly and they don’t address it properly,” Jennifer Bridges told Del Bigtree. (WATCH A CLIP OF HER INTERVIEW HERE).

“And I’ve actually been in contact with somebody in the hospital system that deals with, like, the charting and the finalization of people’s charts…They have told me that officially Methodist has told them, ‘Do not list any adverse reactions on anybody’s chart related to the vaccine.’ Like, people are being told to not talk about this, not address it, and not label it on charts basically. Like, us ourselves as employees, have to go to the system and document these adverse reactions because Methodist is not doing it,” nurse Jennifer Bridges told Bigtree.

117 Houston Methodist employees are reportedly suing the hospital to fight the institution’s vaccine mandate.

National File

2 thoughts on “Nurse: Houston Hospital Instructs Employees NOT To List Vaccine Adverse Reactions

  1. These f***ing psychopaths know damn well that billions of people are being sickened by or killed by these lethal injections! F*** every single sorry a$$ son of a b**** that supports this genocide! DTTNWO, we will prevail!

  2. No surprise…. docthors dont want to touch you either now specificly the vac they are afraid of Big Pharma Gov

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