Nurse Tiffany Dover Pontes is DEAD, confirmed, check for yourself on Ancestry


December 28th, 2020.

May her death not be in vain, but to warn others of the danger of the vaccine. For a virus which has cures and even without cures has over a 99% survival rate for most people. Healthy young people are more likely to die of a lightening strike.

someone created YouTube channel two days ago, 18.12.2020 by Tiffany Dover name
here is original video from year 2016 with sound REMOVED !!!!

there is this 5 year old video without sound REMOVED !!!!

17 thoughts on “Nurse Tiffany Dover Pontes is DEAD, confirmed, check for yourself on Ancestry

  1. Surely she’s aware of the skepticism regarding her possible death. She could come on the news, live, like she did when she took the shot, and put the rumors to bed. Perhaps she is dead because she has not done this. I’m still not certain. Gotta have it from the horses mouth so to speak. If she is dead, her husband must have been told to shut up. If it were me, I’d be pounding every news outlet till someone put me on to tell the world that the shot killed.

  2. Can we stop with the ‘Where in the world is Tiffany Dover’ shit?

    Call me a bitch or whatever but I don’t give a rat’s ass whether this ignorant nurse is alive or dead!
    She voluntarily took a shot that had been revealed by numerous physicians around the world that this was not the typical vaccine and warning us to NOT take it. Even the FDA website stated neither ‘vaccine’ had been approved. It was given EUA, emergency use authorization. She had ten months to research this whole scamdemic as many others have done.

    What is it about people that show so much concern for a woman who would without hesitation inject the kill shot into others?

    I am way more concerned about the thousands of miscarriages that occurred in 2009-2010 following the flu shot that many pregnant women were convinced to take by nurses and doctors back the during the H1N1 scamdemic. A pregnant woman should NEVER receive ANY vaccine. And how about all the disabilities and deaths incurred around the world with ‘approved’ vaccines?
    We already know this is a kill shot. There is a post at this site that states an elderly man died 2 hours after receiving the shot.

    Vaccination is attempted murder. That’s the plan.

    1. TIP: you better get used to dead people, because they will be all around you, the ones they kill and the ones we kill!!

    2. Remember people who are likely taking the vaccine are not watching the same videos that you and I or others who are waking up around the world are watching. Mainstream media only shows them fear and death and doom and gloom.They are still mind controlled by the fake media, and have blind faith in the so called experts they see on the Fake News. Most have no clue about the agendas for depopulation, nor do they understand that most of our history is a lie. They are in a Truman show. They even see us as crazy and dangerous for not wanting to take it. As sad as this is, and tragic, and seemingly stupid to you, it is still wrong and people don’t deserve to die for being mislead and lied to. This could happen to someone you love or are close to. Healthcare workers are extra pressured to take the vaccine by other staff and management, and guilted into it or made to feel like a murderer if you don’t take it. You are told you must not care about your patients or humanity if you don’t take the vaccine. I know because I am a medical professional. I do not give in to their tactics and don’t care what they think of me because no way in hell I’m taking it, I’ll quit first, BUT….I would not,wish not, and hope to god that none of my friends, family or co-workers die or are harmed in anyway by this vaccine. We should care about this girl if she is alive or dead, because if she is dead it is even more horrific that they are not disclosing deaths to the public.

    3. She was a young ignorant girl, give her a break. She knew nothing but her medical school training, which is Pharma drugs good, health products bad. We still have 50 year old doctors who still think this vaccine is safe and effective, and think govt won’t hurt people. Those doctors are even more dangerous than this young dumb nurse was.
      FYI… if you didn’t already know, about 50% of hospital doctors and nurses won’t take Covid vaccine. They believe vaccine is more risk than Covid death.

  3. I think she’s going to appear on TV, alive and well, about a week after the entire “alternative news” is screaming about her death.

    If she actually IS dead… I agree with Mary — Who cares?

    She went on TV to help produce a pro-vaccine propaganda piece, and she got what she deserved for trying to deceive others into taking this poison into their veins.

    1. It’s not so much about the individual victim. The reason some “care” is because IF she did in fact die, that adds fuel to the fire of exposing the danger of the shot, the lethality. “Vaccines skeptics,” as they label us are validated through the death of this young, though ignorant nurse. Even if she’s alive, on some level she already did a service, when her biology had such a strong reaction to the shot. We can call it a warning shot. Ha!!

      We’ll never know the whole truth about all these incidents, but at least we get to call ’em as we see ’em.


  4. I think they’ve put her up to this fake death so they can point the finger at anti-vaxxers and say, “See, they are a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Here’s Tiffany right here, alive and well.”

    1. That’s true, but its also hurting themselves pretty bad in public relations. She very well could be alive why not just do a livestream and answer questions without the mask of course. Just today I read ‘Miami Doctor Dies After Receiving First Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine’ Zerohedge

  5. The damage is already done and it doesn’t even matter anymore at this point if she is dead or alive in regards to the safety of these vaccines. People will always assume she got very sick due to all this time passing without a clear message from her. The woman on video at the hospital was twitching and most do not even believe that was her. Whoever would take a vaccine for an alleged “virus” that’s never been isolated in a lab is a fool anyway. I’ve never believed in poisoning myself with aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, and nano particles! How many holistic doctors died mysteriously after linking vaccines with autism? Brandy Vaughn just died this month too! How many microbiologists died mysteriously before this scamdemic? Wake up world. Take off your filthy face diapers.

  6. In nursing homes where they are giving the fax (v) to elderly, they are dropping like flies. Ask someone who works in a nursing home where they are giving these out & you will know. Only 40% of those working in nursing homes will take the vax.

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