One thought on “Nurses in Stanislaus County, CA speak up at Board of Supervisors meeting 8/10/2021

  1. Wonderful

    Now, stop begging the very people of NO Authority to help you when they are the ones helping support the corporate criminal Govt

    Now Go buy guns and ammo and quit ur fkn jobs like I have had to do…

    Get ready to change their minds In The only way they will ever stop And try to “Pull Back”

    Only this time we don’t let any of them get away

    Time for a total prosecution in newly reestablished people’s courts and hang them all for their part in the crimes against all of our bill of rights

    After the fight of course, cause that’s the ONLY WAY this ends

    Stop crying and make them cry and rue the day they decided to do any of this shit

    Fk um all


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