Nursing home resident dead after confrontation with police

NBC News Chicago

A 95-year-old resident of an Illinois nursing home died early Saturday, hours after being shocked with a Taser and bean bag rounds in a confrontation with police.

Authorities said John Warna was a resident at Victory Centre of Park Forest, on the 100 block of South Main Street in the south suburb. He was threatening paramedics and staff with a cane and a metal shoehorn when police arrived at the complex, they said.  

Police said they struck him with a Taser and bean bag rounds after he threatened officers with a 12-inch butcher knife.

Warna was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where he later died.

A cause of death was not released by Saturday evening.

11 thoughts on “Nursing home resident dead after confrontation with police

  1. These cowardly cops can’t disarm a 95 year old man with a knife without shooting him with Tasers and bean bags.?What a bunch of pussies.They should be proud of themselves.

  2. Death by COP! What a way to go. They could have just waited him out until it was time for his nap! More wantabe hero’s (not)

  3. Who is the sissy of a pig that couldn’t take a knife from a 95 year-old man without killing him? Were you afraid you might break a fingernail?

    I’m sure you joined the police force to show the world what a man you are, but unfortunately, you’re just a useless, frightened little faggot and you have no business even pretending that you’re a man.

    Just jump into those pink panties right now, sweetheart, because now the whole world knows just how much of a scared little girl you really are.

  4. The report doesn’t say what caused the incident, how a nursing home resident got ahold of a 12″ butcher knife (knives are not permitted in nursing homes!) or why someone was unable to talk with this 95 year old man. Was this the result of a drug interaction? 99.9% of nursing home residents are deliberately placed on serious medications, some drugs are given to keep residents subdued and quiet…..ask anyone who has ever worked in a nursing home about this. Was this nursing home being run like a jail? Many nursing homes are virtual prisons where residents rot and are treated worse than prisoners.
    You don’t kill someone who is 95 years old over a drug interaction or drug induced espisode! You never heard of something like this happening just a few years ago in America! Now it’s commonplace to see Americans, young and old, disabled and wheelchair bound, murdered by police thugs for little or no reason.
    I’ll bet this man was a WW II Veteran, a respected citizen and had a loving family.
    You can’t excuse this kind of conduct. This man was murdered by police thugs for no reason.

    If you believe that BS about a 12″ butcher knife then you go watch your T.V. and get brainwashed….

  5. Plan your retirement well people. The man above paid a lot of money a month to get killed by the police. These places are turning into concentration camps for the elderly.

    I’d rather take matters into my own hands than live like this poor guy apparently was.

  6. Oh for God’s sake, why did the staff even call the police. He was 95. The staff and sissy paramedics themselves could have easily handled him – if they had wanted to. A cane and a shoehorn? Give me a break.

  7. Cowards gravitate to police state operations and this is the perfect example of total incompetence on the part of the trash now in uniform. Buy more arms and ammo as you find them. Organize,arm,equip and train as a Militia.

  8. One more potential ‘terrorist’ dead.

    Way to go, @ssholes.

    Once the SHTF, we’ll see how brave you slimeballs REALLY are. Let’s see how many of you cowards are on the streets in uniform. Probably be able to count you all on one hand.

    Freakin’ PUKES!

  9. Seriously? They can’t even disarm a 95 year old without using a taser? Really, how do they sleep at night? I’m curious. I mean a 95 year old and you call yourself a tough cop? WTF?? No brains!

    “A cause of death was not released by Saturday evening.”

    Seriously? I mean tasering a 95 year old and they still need someone to release proof of what caused his death? Who writes this stuff? NO BRAINS!!!

    And you’re telling me they can’t even lock him in a room and wait for him to get tired and fall asleep or sit down. I mean a 95 year old will probably swing that thing for 5 minutes tops and then pass out due to lack of energy and old age, even if he is fit, it wouldn’t go much beyond that. So instead of waiting, let’s just taser him? Yea…Good job, guys! You sure are America’s finest. The finest group of American cowards I have ever known, that is. I wonder what your children will think when you get home and tell them.

    “Daddy, are you retarded?”

    Gee….I guess it’s true what they say. “Kids say the darnest things”.

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