NY Gun Control Activist Forgets He Was Carrying While On School Grounds, You Won’t Believe The Rest of the Story

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I can only wonder if this sentencing would have gone the same way for a pro-gun person. Why this man was advocating for gun control – while he actively carries a gun – is something that I’m not about to understand.

In February, a man who was pushed for laws that would make it a felony for carrying on school grounds, was arrested for…  

…carrying a firearm on school grounds.

Dwayne Ferguson was responsible for placing an elementary school in lock-down for hours when it was reported that a man with a gun was on school grounds. The ironic part is that Ferguson is also responsible for helping to pass laws that made what he did a felony (up from a misdemeanor).

But he swears that he forgot that he was carrying his firearm. In his defense, maybe he was using an Alien Gear holster because they’re so darn comfortable. Like that plug?

But seriously, anyone who carries a firearm can never use the excuse of “I forgot that I had my firearm with me” because they are simply full of $h*t. He used this excuse in an attempt to have the judge say “Well, he seems like a decent guy, let’s let this one slide a little bit”.

What happened to Ferguson, you may ask? Well…

On Monday, Judge John L. Michalek sentenced Ferguson to 100 hours of community service and a conditional discharge, according to local CBS affiliate WIVB. Michalek also sternly ordered Ferguson to keep his nose clean.

I’m really not joking. He was given community service, a slap on the wrist.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that he should be able to carry inside of a school since he has a concealed carry permit, but I also find it absurd that he was let off the way he was. Had myself or another ‘normal citizen’ been found to be carrying in an elementary school, I assure you that the outcome would have been different.

Even if the judge were lenient with someone else, the person’s permit is surely to be taken away. I wonder if Ferguson still has his.

If Ferguson had been convicted, he would have faced up to 4 years in prison.


4 thoughts on “NY Gun Control Activist Forgets He Was Carrying While On School Grounds, You Won’t Believe The Rest of the Story

  1. I am not buying this “I forgot” excuse any more. Whether you claim you “forgot” and left your baby in the hot car, or your “forgot” you are carrying your gun…. if you truly are so brain damaged that you can forget you are carrying, you have no business carrying. You’re a danger.

    But I’m not buying it.

  2. I can see this hapenning. The problem is with America itself. Lack of training. Were I live now beforeintering airport property they have a bill board. Check all light weapons before entering airport property, At the bank theyhave armed security and a counter you check your light weapon in at before entrering the bank. It kind of becomes instinct to check your weapon before entering places with armed security to guaranty your safty. So you do not forget to do such. They need do the same in America. Have a weapon check area were security is provided. To provide for your safty there. And thescurity guard is well armed even if he has to use your gun in a bind. Itjust becomes instinct to check your weapon at some places. And you go to prison or get shot if you forget to make it so! Works were I live. Should work in America as well.

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