NY Starts Burning the Constitution TODAY!!

The National Patriot – by Craig Andersen

Well…Apparently I am an “extreme fringe conservative” and I suspect I am not alone. In fact, I KNOW I’m not alone.

I’m in good company.

Our founders and framers started the club so I am far from being a charter Member.

James Madison, “extremist” that HE was penned the Bill of Rights but, what was WRITTEN by Madison, presented to the 1st United States Congress and adopted by the House in 1789 and then ratified by a vote of 2/3 of the states in 1791 was actually endowed us by the Creator.  

God then is also an “extreme fringe conservative.”

That is the term now being used by New York Governor Andrew Cumo in referring to those who believe as the founders and framers that the government has no business whatsoever, regulating guns.

Oh…That pesky 2nd Amendment.

STARTING TODAY, TAX DAY or as I like to call it…GOVERNMENT MANDATED ROBBERY DAY…New York will limit the number of bullets in an ammo magazine and reclassify a number of guns as “assault” weapons.

Those who OWN such newly reclassified weapons are now required, by law, to register them.

Uh huh.

Cumo calls all of this…”COMMON SENSE.”

Uh huh.

As a Member of the “EXTREME FRINGE CONSERVATIVES” please allow ME to exercise my 1st Amendment Right regarding the 2nd Amendment.

Governor Cumo…You simpering twit…

I hope you are prepared. I hope you have the requisite number of personnel on hand today as I am SURE, beyond a shadow of a doubt, your “gun control” offices will be FLOODED with criminal elements, those hell bent on breaking the law with a firearm, those deviants and dregs of society determined to cause maximum harm, destruction and death registering THEIR weapons and turning in THEIR magazines.

Why…THEY wouldn’t want to break YOUR “common sense” new laws…Would they?

I’m willing to BET that not a single criminal, gang banger or terrorist, not one person, man, woman or child who possesses a newly reclassified “assault” weapon ILLEGALLY will beat a path to your door to register it.

Not one.

Now then, those who DID pass a background check or those who purchased their “assault” weapons through gun shows with no notion of EVER using that weapon to commit a crime…What of THEM?

Well, some may well register their weapons but, were I advising them, I would suggest NOT doing so. Hold ONTO your guns New Yorkers and Keep Your Power Dry…It’s beginning to look like you might need both.

Once “registered” they will be known to the GOVERNMENT.

The GOVERNMENT of New York will know WHO they are and WHERE they live.

This will make it MUCH easier for the GOVERNMENT, be it the State of New York or the FEDERAL government, to come to their homes and REMOVE said weapons from their possession.

What was it? The term used by our original “extreme fringe conservatives?”


“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The 2nd Amendment, much to the consternation of socialists, was not meant to spell out HUNTING PROTOCOL rather, it was to give American Citizens the right to defend their lives, their families and their property against those who would try to take those things away…PRIMARILY…A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT.

Tyranny…Step One…Identify the names and whereabouts of those who own weapons.

So far, not a single socialist can explain how such a law of set of laws, as those in New York or Colorado, or Connecticut will prevent the next shooting.

Were such laws in fact successful in this measure, surely Chicago, with all THEIR laws combined with the laws in Illinois, would be the nation’s SAFEST city but, alas, they plodded THEIR way through more than 500 gun related murders last year and are currently on track to break that record THIS year.

Guns are not the problem nor are high capacity magazines.

It’s the people who possess them.

A newly classified “assault” weapon or a high capacity magazine in the hands of a law abiding citizen will not go on a killing spree while those in the hands of evil bastards are much more likely to do so.

The difference is NOT in the weapon but in the MIND of the one HOLDING the weapon.

There DO seem to be some common sense measures which COULD be employed however.

How about sentencing?

When you get ahold of a criminal who uses a weapon in the commission of their crime…DON’T let them OUT every time the wind shifts direction. MANDATORY sentencing guidelines with STIFF terms for those convicted of gun crimes will keep those bent on violating other’s rights much LESS likely to REPEAT their offenses.


Gun REGISTRATION is INFRINGING on the 2nd Amendment plain and simple as it does NOT control GUNS but PEOPLE. It expands GOVERNMENT which is exactly opposite of the LIMITED role of government spelled out in our Constitution.

What socialists like Cumo refuse to acknowledge is that the world around us is full of potential weapons.

Last summer, Lois Goodman was charged with killing her husband with a coffee mug. Those charges were later dropped but the case is still under investigation.

In 2007, 21 year old, Jason Webster, of Beverley Road, Hull, England admitted to the murder of 26 year old Rebecca Love by stabbing her in the throat and head…More than 90 times…With writing pens.

In 2009, Gavin Alker, 19, beat  Michael Causer to death with a HISTORY BOOK.

Given these 3 cases could we now consider your local Barnes and Nobel to be an ARMORY???

Should all libraries now be shut down as they are HIGH CAPACITY magazines of life threatening destruction?


Socialists, am I being absurd?

Before you answer, consider this:

Karl Marx, who advocated a disarmed populous authored the Communist Manifesto and that BOOK along with the instrument of its writing have been used as the reason for more murders in the world than AR-15’s could ever be used to commit.

Would you, socialists and communists, EVER advocate the banning of the Communist Manifesto???

Certainly not BUT, banning certain GUNS or MAGAZINES along with the REGISTRATION by GOVERNMENT ENTITIES of GUN OWNERS???

Yes. Most clearly…YES.

Infringe on the ides of Marx? No way.

Infringe on the rights of Americans?

No doubt.

Now who’s being absurd?

4 thoughts on “NY Starts Burning the Constitution TODAY!!

  1. My recommendation to everyone living in states that have knee-jerk reaction laws passed to ban guns is just wait… You will eventually elect a sane representative who will repeal such unconstitutional laws and everything will go back to normal. Just forget to register. Don’t give them anything. Wait it out. If you tell them you own them, they will come…and grab them. Then they will use them, and the billions of bullets they just purchased, on you!

    1. “You will eventually elect a sane representative who will repeal such unconstitutional laws and everything will go back to normal.”

      If that was the case then Ron Paul would have been elected president. So I don’t know where you are going with your statement there. The only way we can come close to electing a sane representative is if we arrest everyone of the people in Congress and the White House and try them for treason. Until then, you are beating a dead horse.

  2. Notice how the language regarding “assault rifles” is morphing into “assault weapons”…
    This isn’t by mistake, it’s part of the slow creep of terms used to justify removing our tools of defense of liberty.
    Soon, a revolver will be termed an “assault weapon” in an effort to fool the gullible into relinquishing them as well.
    Give these people NOTHING!

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