NYC, Bloomberg, To Waste Sandy Funds On “Climate Change” Projects

Pirate’s Cove – by William Teach

You won’t believe how much….well, you probably will believe it after all you’ve seen from these insane people, though Joe Romm’s Soros funded Climate Progress has no problem with the wasted money, as the writer, Brad Johnson, discusses

On Friday, the City of New York allocated $294 million of Superstorm Sandy recovery funds for resiliency projects to respond to the threat of fossil-fueled climate change.  

(From the press release) The City has set aside $294 million for resiliency investments to be detailed in a report issued by the Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency later this month.

“HUD’s approval of our comprehensive Action Plan enables us to take the next critical step toward recovery – launching the programs for home rebuilding and business assistance that will rejuvenate the neighborhoods Sandy hit hardest,” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Cas Holloway. “We’ll also take the first steps toward making the City more resilient to the impacts that we know climate change will bring.”

What this looks like is more planning sessions, reports, spreading awareness, and all sorts of measures which won’t actually Do Something, but will also surely increase the cost of living in NYC, all for something that may or may not happen naturally in the far future, instead of spending the money to directly help the citizens of NYC.

7 thoughts on “NYC, Bloomberg, To Waste Sandy Funds On “Climate Change” Projects

  1. I understand many of the families who lost homes from Hurricane Sandy have yet to see any funds for repairs. How about allocating that money to help them first.

  2. As long as we pay for this abuse and corruption every April 15, it will continue and escalate.
    Up to each one of us, making that decision every year. If you pay, you play and have no right to bitch.

    1. Since the alternative to NOT paying taxes is prison, what, exactly, would you suggest we do?

      1. As mearieu said, it’s up to each one of us to decide what to do, and if enough do, well, you know….

        Ann Barnhardt did, and yes she paid the consequences, and will continue to, but that’s the beauty of choice. Can you imagine 315 million Ann Barnhardts? I can, and she’s right by saying that eventually it won’t matter a bit if we do nothing, because that knock on the door will come anyway. . .

        1. Sorry, that ‘s not an option for me. It would be damn tough trying to fight the revolution from inside a prison.

          Last time I checked, the only ones with guns in there are the guards.

          1. Thanks, but not tonight, Smilardog. This is my last comment for now. “Cloud Atlas” just came out on dvd today, and I’m jumping into it (pun intended) right now, before it gets too late. ‘Night. 🙂

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