4 thoughts on “NYC Health Officials Assess Impact; Counterterrorism Officer: A Lot of “Misinformation” About Virus

  1. The socalled corinavirus has nothing to do with this financial problem. Congress has been proping up the economy, corporations & wall street through bail outs for years. It was only a matter of time before thus financial house of cards came tumbling down. We know this virus has nothing to do with the failing economy, because Pompeo came on television & admitted it was a “live exercise”. But Trump, Fausi, Birx and Mnuchin continue this play acting. The hospitals are not overcrowded, the testing centers are not overcrowded, but people are playing ibro this. This us much like the radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds”. The only question is how long will people put up with house arrest and martial law? Both of which are unconstitutional. The result of all this is the death of small businesses, extensive installation of 5G, Gates tatoos & a big spread of a nonexistent disease through vaccines. Congress will continue to pay banks, corporations and bring in digital currency to the dismay of the people. We will be totally enslaved. The congressional criminalscriminals will continue to serve their masters ( Blackrock, Gates, Rockefella, Soros and all the others. The list is too long to include here). While the people they were elected to serve starve and loss their liberty and freedom. How can these creatures sleep at night, when they know they are trailors to their fellow man?

    1. Very easy. Their conscious is seared. They only sleep well when they’ve caused death, destruction, & misery.
      We’ll be sleeping much better once we cause them death, destruction, & misery.

    2. ‘How can these creatures sleep at night, when they know they are trailors to their fellow man?’

      Because they see themselves as superior to us. They are sociopaths (without empathy)

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