NYC Mayor paints ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside Trump Tower

Jul 9, 2020
New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio joined activists to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ in giant yellow letters on the city’s exclusive Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower

5 thoughts on “NYC Mayor paints ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside Trump Tower

    1. Henry Makow wrote this about actors, but the same can be said about politicians:

      “Inflated actor salaries are Hollywood money laundering. Money for Antifa, etc., funnelled through actors. The biggest actors are complicit. You hit a glass ceiling if you don’t play the game.”


  1. Exactly Galen

    Actors ..Bad actors

    and usually in the old days when a bad actor was on stage some one with a cane pole would pull them off the stage and probably beat them with it …well they should have anyways

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