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NYC – MTA Gas Test Backfires! New Yorkers Are Angry, And Rightly So! Widespread Health Problems Coming

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

The NYC – MTA subway gas tests, as explained in the videos below, have backfired as New Yorkers are angry having found out what likely health costs the testing brings along with it. For agreeing to ‘participate’ in these tests as human guinea pigs, New Yorkers may now face early menopause, failure of the reproductive organs, thyroid and liver problems and the onset of tumors. Was this ‘test’ AGAINST chemical attacks actually A CHEMICAL ATTACK upon Americans? Now that New Yorkers know the truth about this, what else is the government NOT telling us?  

This morning, the MTA distributed notifications to straphangers thanking them for participating in a Perfluorocarbon gas experiment. The cards explained that the NYPD and Brookhaven National Laboratory (sponsored by the Department of Defense) would be pumping the “colorless, odorless and powerful” greenhouse gas through 21 subway lines throughout July. Called the “Subway-Surface Air Flow Exchange” study, the exercise is being conducted as a test to ward against unwanted chemical attacks, but the notification card itself is alarming in itself.

Read closely (it’s the next photo in the article) and you’ll see it says that exposure to Perfluorocarbons has been linked to the early onset of menopause as well as a host of other disturbing effects.



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22 Responses to NYC – MTA Gas Test Backfires! New Yorkers Are Angry, And Rightly So! Widespread Health Problems Coming

  1. Hector says:

    If it is so safe, test it in the Pentagon, In the halls of Congress, on the President’s children.

  2. Bonnie says:

    The New Yorkers NEVER agreed to participate, it’s being done willing or not. Same as it’s been done other times.

    Of course, we know that it’s another part of the depopulation jigsaw –
    a bit here – vaccinations, a bit there: cops shooting people, another bit there, soldiers in wars, another jigsaw part there, chemtrails, poisoning the food…..etc., etc.

  3. Jason says:

    Pfft, this government is continually attacking it’s own people, and the people just sit quietly and take it in the belief that it is SOME HOW for their own good. I wouldn’t be surprised if TPTB themselves shake their heads in humorous disbelief at how successful their sustained assault is being tolerated by the masses.

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    Good. When they were warned about this they said “you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist, our government would never spray anything bad in the subway”, so let ’em choke on it until they wake the f&%k up.

    This is my favorite:
    Their own announcement says “we still do not fully understand the health effects of perfluorocarbons gas exposure”…. but of course that won’t stop them from gassing a million people with it.

    Thanks for being a guinea pig. When you drop dead we’ll know a little more about the health effects of perfluorocarbons gas exposure.

    One consolation here is that if they unleashed this on the 7 train (as pictured) they probably took out a lot of chinks.

  5. BloodStock says:


  6. NC says:

    Are people this stupid that they would participate in such a dangerous drill and are they so stupid to think that this is actually a real drill and not the real thing and are they even more stupid to realize that it is illegal according to the Constitution for our government to experiment on us like guinea pigs?

    If these people are so dumb, then they deserve what they get. Wake up, sheeple!!!

  7. Paula Walker says:

    Cleansing of the gene pool, do ya think??

  8. oldvet says:

    But if you FART on a subway…you are arrested……gas is gas is gas…….

  9. george says:

    “a test to ward against unwanted chemical attacks…” ????

    OMG….. There is NO SUCH THING as “warding off chemicals” !!!!

    They are either there…. or they aren’t !!


    And you are going to be dosed everyday for a month?
    Holy shit…gas me to death with poisons, but do it slowly
    so I linger in sickness before I die….

    This is what they meant when they said lets get rid of the useless ones.
    Not smart enough to understand they are being poisoned with fluoride
    by-products…even when its spelled out in front of them. So gas them.

  10. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    My only question is: why haven’t they done this on the subway here in L.A.?

    Then again, there’s a good chance they have, and simply forgot to announce it.

  11. dph says:

    This infuriates me. My child is one of those who ride the subway to work & back each day. If they specified which days they were testing, people could stay home those days. But they don’t. Why not? With July being the height of tourist season, it seems as tho they want to experiment on as many people as possible. Why can’t do these tests at about 3 am when no one is riding – if they must do them at all?

  12. Irving Goldberg says:

    The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.
    — Joseph Mengele —

  13. Toneii says:

    Is anyone willing to be a slight bit skeptical and wonder if maybe some creative New Yorker posted this sign as a protest? Are you really that gullible? Let me give you a hint the end says “have a SAFE day” does no one detect a bit of humorous sarcasm here?

  14. Johnrambo says:


  15. Jena says:

    How is it research when they don’t even know who is riding the subway??

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