NYC School Shuts Over Coronavirus Fears

Intelligencer – by Chas Danner

A school in New York City was closed on Tuesday morning because of a suspected case of coronavirus in the community.

It was not clear whether a student or parent — or neither — was suspected to have the virus. In any case, the move could have ripple effects across New York’s vast school system.

In a separate development, Governor Cuomo announced Tuesday morning that the state had confirmed its second case of the virus, a 50-year-old man who lives in Westchester County and works in Manhattan. Unlike the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the city, a woman who had recently traveled to Iran, the new patient had no known association with previous coronavirus hotspots — suggesting that the virus is now spreading locally. Cuomo said that the man, who has been hospitalized, had an underlying respiratory condition.

On Monday, Washington State health officials announced four more deaths from the coronavirus; three of the victims were residents of a Seattle-area nursing home struck by an outbreak of the disease. A total of six people in the U.S. have now lost their lives to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, all of them in Washington State. Meanwhile, four cases of the coronavirus were confirmed on Monday in California, including one in Sonoma County, prompting officials to declare a public-health emergency. On Monday night, Georgia confirmed its first two infections, and additional COVID-19 cases were reported by health officials in New Hampshire, Florida, New York, and Rhode Island over the last few days. And health officials in multiple states expect more cases of the virus to soon emerge as state and local COVID-19 testing capacity continues to ramp up.

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7 thoughts on “NYC School Shuts Over Coronavirus Fears

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    “Coronavirus News: 4 NY schools closed after Westchester Co. man tests positive”

    1. “Lawyer at Trusts & Estates Firm Is Severely Ill, Others Being Tested for Coronavirus”

      Name revealed:
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      “Health Department tracking down possible contacts of second confirmed coronavirus case”

        1. If I come down with this and they ask for my contacts I will tell them I was recently at the Capitol Building in D.C. and shook hands with several senators and representatives 🙂

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