NYPD officer: Fellow cops arrested me without cause

New York Post – by Tina Moore

An NYPD officer wants $5 million for emotional anguish after two cops pulled over his car and arrested him without cause, according to Manhattan court documents.

The incident occurred in March 2017, while Officer Karim Powell was off-duty and in his own vehicle, says the notice of claim, which is the step before a formal lawsuit.  

The two arresting cops claim that Powell had led them on a car chase right before they pulled him over in the Bronx.

One of the officers got out of his patrol car and, “He came up, and he said ‘turn around’ and placed me in cuffs,” Powell told The Post.

“I said, ‘I’m on the job.’ His reply was, ‘What job?’ and I said, ‘Same job as you.’ ”

Powell, 32, said he showed the cop his badge, to no avail.

“I took my ID out, and [the cop] said, ‘I can’t see it.’ I took it out of my wallet and gave it to him,” Powell said. “He took the keys off the roof and said, ‘F–k that s–t.’ He went back to the [patrol car], and he was on the cellphone.

“I was standing there for 10 to 15 minutes before a patrol supervisor arrived,” the Bronx resident said. “The only thing I remember thinking of [the cursing cop] was, ‘That guy’s nasty.’ They placed me in his car. A sergeant told the officer to remove the cuffs.”

Powell’s service weapon and ID were taken, and he was transported to the 47th Precinct, where he called his PBA delegate, who told him the other officers were claiming that Powell had led them on a chase, he said.

“When the delegate came, he asked me, ‘Why were these guys chasing you?’ I said, ‘Chasing me?’ and he said, ‘Yes, they said they were chasing you,’ ” Powell said.

Powell “told the PBA delegate the officers are ‘lying’ and the GPS data from their assigned marked [patrol car] will prove it,” according to the notice of claim.

The document noted that “one of the unnamed officers knew Powell from a prior interaction regarding a parked vehicle.”

Powell was put on modified duty for more than a year after an investigation was conducted, and he was charged with “failure to show ID,” the papers said.

He finally was restored to full duty April 11.

“I’ve been accused of something I haven’t done. It’s really unfair,” said the five-year veteran, who works at the 114th Precinct in Queens. “They were nasty. They didn’t do their job right.”

An NYPD spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.


6 thoughts on “NYPD officer: Fellow cops arrested me without cause

  1. This whole story stinks, and for too many reasons.

    How can this pig be complaining about the “emotional anguish” he suffered from being arrested when he makes his living by arresting people? They didn’t even beat him up or tazer-torture him. Everyone HE ever arrested should be initiating a $5 million lawsuit against him, because he’s confessing here that he inflicts emotional anguish upon them.

    And…. why does he assume that being “on the job” is his free pass to break the law?
    “…..A sergeant told the officer to remove the cuffs.”…..”
    And why does a sergeant agree?

    No mention of why he was pulled over in the first place…… whatever happened, he’s a cop, so he’s innocent.

  2. we all want 5 million from these coksuckers ,, wait in line bitch!

    doncha just love how things change when its a pig that gets the treatment?

    ” officers are ‘lying’”..ptttthhhh hahahhaah
    I fell outa my chair right there

    and than theres this little kibble .. this really made me lose it …“I’ve been accused of something I haven’t done. It’s really unfair,” ..HAAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAAHHAHAHHAHAH infinity

    If yer lookin fer sympathy you winy little pig, y’all came to the wrong guy!

  3. Gestapo thugs love to dish it out, but they cry like whiny little bitches when they get a dose of their own medicine.

  4. “They were nasty. They didn’t do their job right.”

    Right, Tinkerbell.

    They didn’t beat the cr@p out of you, or kill you.

  5. I love it! Police are starting to eat their own, let’s hope this is a trend that continues and grows.

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