NYPD program patrols inside private buildings; residents say they’re unfairly stopped

Fox News

NEW YORK –  New York Police Department officers are patrolling inside private apartment buildings in a program known as Operation Clean Halls.

The program has been lauded by some residents who say they feel safer but vilified by others who say they’re being harassed at home. Many complain they’re illegally stopped and arrested. 

More than two dozen people who say they were wrongly stopped have filed a federal lawsuit.

The program is the only one like it in a major U.S. city. It started in the 1990s, when crime was at all-time highs.

Now, there are more than 3,000 buildings around the city enrolled, mostly in higher-crime areas. To enroll, a building owner or manager signs paperwork allowing police to enter and arrest people found to be committing crimes.

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2 thoughts on “NYPD program patrols inside private buildings; residents say they’re unfairly stopped

  1. What kind of idiot apartment owner would sign away their 4th article rights to ensure better protection?? What the hell is wrong with these people??

    These have to be corporate apartment owners. No way that a private apartment owner would be dumb enough to do this. They’d know they would have a residential civil war on their hands. Especially in the projects.

  2. So now they are deciding to do house searches in hallways. Next it will be in the actual apartment and then followed by gun confiscations and too much sugar intake (thanks to Bloominidiot). Hell, it’s already happening in some places. People definitely need to form militias now more than ever and form counter-insurgency plans to combat these assholes.

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