NYT’s Thomas Friedman reminded about his fancy mansion after sobbing about carbon footprints


America isn’t doing enough to reduce its carbon footprint, NYT columnist Thomas Friedman has warned, apparently forgetting that he lives in an 11,400-square foot palace. The internet quickly reminded him of this slight oversight.

With November’s midterm elections around the corner, Friedman used his byline at the New York Times to issue a deadly serious ultimatum to America: If you don’t vote for Democrats, Donald Trump and the carbon emissions-loving Republican Party will murder the environment.  

According to the wordsmith, it is “unconscionable” that Trump has not acted on a UN report calling for “immediate carbon emissions.” But what can be done? Only a Democrat-controlled Congress can save Mother Earth, Friedman tells us.

Lecturing people about the issue did not sit well with some folks on Twitter, who reminded the humble tree-hugger that he is the proud owner of a palatial 11,400-square foot home, tucked away on a 7.5-acre lot in fancy-pants Bethesda, Maryland.

Commenters have pointed out – year after year – that Friedman has a habit of presenting himself as a concerned commoner. It’s the cornerstone of his snake oil-lathered punditry, they said.


“The next time you read a piece by Tom Friedman telling us how wonderful job outsourcing is or how great it is to pass Big Money’s latest trade deal that include no labor, wage, human rights or environmental provisions – just remember: Tom Friedman, scion of a billionaire business empire, is just doing right by his own economic class,”David Sirota wrote in 2006.


One thought on “NYT’s Thomas Friedman reminded about his fancy mansion after sobbing about carbon footprints

  1. SSDD, hypocrites all: Do as I say, not as I do. I am your Superior, thus the rules do NOT apply to me. I am entitled Now shut the f–k up and get back to paying tribute….taxes. Remember the highest virtue is to give your money to the State. NY Times is only good for lining the bottom of bird cages or wrapping fish in.

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