4 thoughts on “OAN: 946,000+ Covid Vaccines Side Effects, Injuries and Deaths

  1. All I have to say is that I was supposedly diagnosed with Covid in December 2020 and only had a slight fever for an hour or so with joint pain (like someone was sitting on my chest) and headache and facial pain for a few days.

    Yesterday I was just supposedly diagnosed with the new Decepticon…er I mean the Omicron version, the new Covid Transformer of the week (as my workplace has been supposedly spreading it around for the past couple of weeks). Same thing happened but was a lighter version from last time. Hit hard but only lasted about 5 hours. One hour slight fever as well as joint and partial facial pain with a headache. Now I’m completely fine. Still have to quarantine for 5 days though.

    I have coworkers who had been diagnosed and felt nothing while others ended up in the emergency room.

    Whatever it is, (definitely felt like the normal fever/flu for me) it effects people differently, but I for sure will NEVER EVER EVER get the jab. I trust my body’s immune system to recover more than some genocidal shot.

      1. Voluntarily after feeling some symptoms. My wife however just tested negative, as some of her coworkers already tested positive recently. Go figure. No mandate in Texas or my workplace, thank God!

    1. Whatever it is, (definitely felt like the normal fever/flu for me) it effects people differently…

      Because it is the flu. Flu ALWAYS effects people differently – it always has because each person has a very different ability to fight it off. That’s just common sense. Bottom line is – “covid” is a lie because it was NEVER isolated.

      Also you realize the tests themselves have been proven to be VERY suspect, if not downright dangerous, by numerous qualified people right? Suspect in their ability to diagnose anything & highly suspect in what they actually do to you ie. it has been shown over & over that even a non-used test will show a positive result AND test kits have been shown to be contaminated with all kinds of things & many to actually be physically injurious. You are taking a huge risk even using one of these tests. And yet you took tests voluntarily after feeling flu-like symptoms? I just don’t get that I’m afraid.

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