May 5, 2020

Having to deal with the Oath breaking thugs, operating as Policy Enforcement Officers (Polic E),for ‘The Crown’ legal system.

Warning: Lots of shouting and cursing, I dont apoligise for any of it.

Had enought of my Constitutional and Lawful Rights being abused on behalf of ‘The Crown’s’, ‘private society’ know as the ‘Law Society’ who rules, know as ‘legalise’, are being enforced onto the rest of us, as if it is Law.
ACT means ‘to pretend’. A.C.T. means Advanced Corporation Tax., you decide which they are using.

Have already proved in a so called ‘Court of Law’, in front of a so called ‘Public Servant’, claiming to be a ‘Judge’, that they are Oath Breaking Thugs, Liers, and Thieves.

Carrick on Shannon Garda station is know as one of the most corrupt in Ireland.

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