Oath Keepers Founder Attending Benghazi Hearing in DC Today and at Boston Bombing Hearing Tomorrow

Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes is in DC and is attending the House Benghazi Hearings today, where three key witnesses will testify.  Also attending are Richard Frye and Jeff Lewis of Patriot Coalition.  


As the founder and President of Oath Keepers, a national organization of current serving military, police, and first responders, as well as veterans, all dedicated to defending our Constitution, I felt compelled to be here  in support of those who kept their oaths and to demand accountability from those who failed to support them.

It is now looking like they (including Obama himself)  intentionally and callously withheld crucial military support, watched good men die on their screens, and then punished and purged those who tried to help them.

Hopefully the truth will finally come out, after months of stone-walking and political spin.

Oath Keepers will  hold a national conference call on Benghazi within the next week, as a follow up on the hearings.

Meanwhile, all Oath Keepers, and our supporters, are encouraged to contact their elected representatives in the House and Senate and demand a full investigation and accountability. This is not about politics.  It’s about honor,  letting those who risk their lives in service know that we have their back, and punishing those who do not.

I will also be attending the House hearing on the Boston Bombing scheduled for 9am Eastern, tomorrow morning.

The defacto martial law lock-down and warrantless cordon and search in the Boston area in the wake of the bombing was more like something out of occupied Iraq than America and sets a very dangerous precedent for setting aside the Bill of Rights under the rationale of “emergency” just like the gun confiscation during Katrina was also defended as being “necessary” under an emergency.  (see our Declaration of Orders We Will Not Obey #2: “We will not obey orders to conduct warrantless searches against the American people”)

Yes, the Supreme Court has carved out a “hot pursuit” exception to the warrant requirement, but that applies to a specific building, such as seeing the suspect enter a home, hearing gun-fire or screams coming from the home. It does NOT apply to an entire city, regardless of how bad the bad guy.

Such an “exception” would swallow the rule and wipe out the Fourth Amendment, just as the gun confiscation during Katrina was a total violation of the Second Amendment.

The Bill of Rights was meant for emergencies, to stop us from setting aside our rights when we are scared and angry.

We also hear calls for the suspension of Miranda rights and even the use of “enemy combatant” designation and military detention of the remaining Boston Bombing suspects.   (See our Order #3: “we will not obey orders to detain US citizens as ‘enemy combatants’”).

We must defend ALL of the Bill of Rights, for all Americans, at all times, lest we ourselves be hypocrites like the oath breakers who infest DC and are destroying our Republic from within.

Whether we give due respect to the incredible wisdom and foresight of the Founders, and defend what good have bled and died to preserve, or hang it up, disavow our oaths and join the ranks of the government supremacist destroyers of liberty who ALWAYS use tragedy, emergencies, and war to assume more lower to themselves and enslavement of mankind.

For the Republic!

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers


2 thoughts on “Oath Keepers Founder Attending Benghazi Hearing in DC Today and at Boston Bombing Hearing Tomorrow

  1. If you will remember, this was the time that hitlary had that slip at home and
    co-inky-dental concussion/wtf???

    I hope the evidence hangs her witch-ass over this stuff. the usfedgov stood down when this attack occurred. everyone in the executive branch is complicit in the murder of the mabassador. they wanted HIM dead, as they want us all dead.

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