Oathkeepers in the ranks of the military will eventually wake up and throw off the shackles of the regime?

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Many of you have claimed, stated, and otherwise mentioned the idea that there are so-called “oathkeepers” in the ranks of the military, who will eventually “wake up”, and throw off the shackles of the regime, and America and the Constitution will be restored complete with rainbows, chocolate rivers and children playing with gumdrop smiles.  

Every One Of You Is Sadly And Foolishly Optimistic.

And I shall tell you why…

Your military has been “fundamentally transformed” into something that did not exist two generations ago. The service of that age saw its ranks filled with patriotic Americans who understood the death struggle with Soviet Russia and its minions across the globe. We had leadership possessed of resolve and purpose. Our men and women in uniform had superior training and spirit, and were focused on the mission of securing freedom.

Now, look at today. The service has been emasculated on the battlefield, with rules of engagement which essentially prevent the soldier from engaging the enemy; in the garrison, with emphasis on promoting perversion in the ranks and social experimentation; and over all, a command structure determined to destroy the fighting spirit and will to resist.

The military and the government minions who comprise this regime are loyal to their oaths, indeed. They swore to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic – and those enemies have been redefined as YOU. And they will prosecute this war against you, the new domestic enemies, to the fullest extent of the law and the uttermost end of strength.

This contemporary military no longer has patriotic warriors in their hierarchy. Those whom we would call “patriots” have either retired, been forced out, or otherwise purged from the ranks. The current generation of soldier – from the lowliest sailor manning the rails to the loftiest flag-rank officer spouting regime talking points – are there for myriad reasons, which include college tuition and education benefits; they reenlist to qualify for cash bonuses; they receive taxpayer-funded salaries, tax-exempt and duty-free goods and services, and taxpayer-funded health care; and when they reach retirement, they then receive taxpayer-funded pensions, further health care, and in the case of the higher ranks, their dachas by the lake, just as their Soviet counterparts did.

The current generation of military members are indeed mercenaries. They fight for pay and they fight well. They are committed to upholding the regime that funds their present and future lifestyle. And they are committed to collecting intelligence of the enemy they have been ordered to fight: the domestic terrorists, as defined by their chain of command.

Now, many of you will ask, “Sarge, how can you possibly say all these things?” Here’s how: having spent 26 years in that uniform as an officer and as an NCO, seeing both sides of the conduct and training and corporate culture;

Having spent years as a recruiter, knowing all the training, benefits and bonuses (aka “entitlements”) that a young mush-brain could be enticed with to enlist, and re-enlist over and again;

Having watched comrades with whom I served, bled, dined and drank with, evolve over time into apologists for the regime, fully supportive of the usurpers of the nation, and who will carry out each and every order against their own fellow citizens, to their uttermost conclusion;

Having beheld the current crop of leadership – MY generation, the ones who remember the “shining city on the hill” – utter pusillanimous words of aid and comfort to the enemies of freedom, both here and abroad.

Folks, do not deceive yourselves into believing all this “oathkeeper” garbage. It’s a lie, perpetrated to spread false hope. The true patriots of the military have left the service, either in disgust or dotage – or to live their golden years in their own dachas by the lake.

If there is any hope for the America of our memory, it lies in the unorganized militia.

And we are not idle. Neither are the regime.
Old Sarge


11 thoughts on “Oathkeepers in the ranks of the military will eventually wake up and throw off the shackles of the regime?

  1. Well i have always had this hope that we still had people in the military that would honor their oath.It seems that Old Sarge has just shot that in the a$$. But i believe he’s right, you know what they say, the truth hurts.Good story Sarge.

  2. Hey guys, as much as I am pessimistic about things, we cannot give up hope. The minute we do, we lose this war. So stop with the defeatist attitude in your comments and start preparing for what will happen. If we are to be an armed militia, we must act like one. So man up, get your arms ready and be prepared for anything.

    Death to the International Corporate mafia! Death to the NWO! We the people shall prevail!!

  3. Patriotism starts in one’s self. I you’re going to put your faith & hope in another man’s Duty to Oath & Country & expect a free ride, you’ll be sorry you did in more ways than one. I’ve seen more Patriotism & Leadership from a Vet in a wheelchair than in the current crop of NCO’s & Petty Officers that man our military. Sarge called it spot-on.

    1. “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

      Don’t see anything in there about pay & benefits or tax freebies at the Base Exchange or Commissary. Free medical? I want to know where this free villa I am supposed to have is located. Don’t see anything in it about having faith in my fellow man.

      I swore this Oath 38 years ago & no SOB has relieved me of it & no SOB ever will. Only Oath that I ever swore to that meant anything or caused me to rally my azz to action.

  4. There are plenty of patriots still in the army. I hear them everyday talking about how this country has gone to hell in a hand basket. They think our president is Un-American. They all say that they will not follow an unlawful order. It is their families out there too.

  5. The military isn’t even getting paid or they are loosing pay a little at a time. They are watching their families disintegrate. This article is garbage.

  6. The creeps in Washington fear Oathkeepers & proof of this is found in their attempt to frame Stewart Rhodes (OK founder) along with the founder of Panda (the group dedicated to ridding the nation of the NDAA) with child porn email plants.
    Notice how much attention the SPLC & the ADL are giving the Oathkeepers?
    The SPLC is run by three Jews: Morris Seligman Dees, the creepy Mark Potok & Michael Cohen.
    We all know about Abe Foxman of the ADL & his efforts to make these very words deemed illegal since they aren’t totally fawning of Jews.
    Connect the dots; It is primarily Jews who wish to install an East German Stasi style government, along with disarmament of US citizens, so it’s natural that they wish to destroy the groups who have a growing membership dedicated to refusing unconstitutional orders (Oathkeepers & Tparty).

  7. I have to disagree with the opening statements. We have not had patriots in our military since the confederate soldiers in the civil war. No, our ranks have been filled with fools,murderers and traitors since the civil war. I apologize if you are among the fools, but only in that you are a fool. It is time that the American people stop lying totthemselves about the demeanor of their boys in uniform. It is time we stop holding up the jailers as heroes. It is time the fools grow a damned brain and start leading the new generations of fools down the path of redemption so that we,together will have a fighting chance.

  8. Although i would rather not,i have to agree with you Sarge But i also think that we Oathkeepers can and will make a difference. We may not be able to turn them, but we can sure as hell gain enough foothold for Intel
    It has taken them a lot of years to get the level of control they have .
    We do not have that lixury. Hopefully we are a lot smarter than the enemy

  9. I think there is a core of people perhaps waiting, perhaps quite frightened, perhaps clinging on to the last hope something will happen to put a brake on things.

    Think about Minot Air Base and what went on there, USAAF personnel mutinied (if you can call it a mutiny for their bravery) to stop Cheney dropping nuclear weapons on Tehran, nearly if not all those involved died but they thwarted the neo’s plans and changed things saving millions of lives.

    If you look back to Patten, when he refused to follow Eisenhowers orders to execute the PoW’s under his command and instead set them free or the General who stopped the monied elite of America in 1933 installing a fascist dictatorship government, you do have people there with morals who will do the right thing but when is the right time for them to act?

    What surprises me always is how these dynasty families are allowed to get away with it, the Bush family were known to be bastards long before they got their grubby hands on making money in labour camps in Nazi Germany, go dig up the stories in Louisiana and what they did to slaves or anyone who got in their way, Rockefeller is another such family, principal backer of Hitler, principal backer of the failed 1933 coup and it is the descendents of these that are still today trying to turn the west into a Nazi nightmare because that has ALWAYS been their goal. Power, greed and avarice is all they care about and they will keep on doing so until their dynastic power is ended.

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