Obama and his Phony Scandals

The United Soviet States Premier Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the South Side of Chicago back alley teleprompter reading con man is now attempting to push the reset button as the past high crimes of his regime have revealed him as the Fabian Socialist he is and has always been.

The POTUS has been touring the United States, asserting duplicity among his political enemies as the cause for the rejection of his communist agendas.  In his prefab speech, Obama refers to the latest attacks upon our people’s rights and the sovereignty of our Republic as “phony scandals”.  

Definition of phony: Not genuine; fraudulent.

Definition of scandal:  An action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.

The undeniable events that occurred in Benghazi:  Not a fraud?  Not an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage?

The IRS targeting Obama’s political enemies:  Not genuine?  Not an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage?

Reporters being spied upon through the US Attorney General’s Office:  Not a fraud?  Not illegal?

The open admission that the NSA has been recording the phone calls, emails, and other correspondence of hundreds of millions of Americans via secret spy programs sanctioned by a secret court, both of which represent an absolute, unequivocal, complete dismissal of the 4th Article of the people’s Bill of Rights:  Not fraud?  Not an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage?

Well maybe old Barry is right.  Maybe these incidents do not represent fraud and actions or events regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.  Maybe this is just plain old every day sedition and high treason being committed by an international socialist insurgency, hell bent on taking over the United States and reducing it to nothing more than just another socialist state within the new world order, populated by slaves being ruled under communism.

Phony scandals indeed.  I wonder how many tyrants throughout history have literally lost their heads over such phony scandals.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “Obama and his Phony Scandals

  1. Yes Henry, it seems Obama can burn the flag along with the constitution and remain as untouchable as “Teflon Don”. He controls the IRS and the NSA to quell any threat through intimidation and if one survives Obama’s IRS and NSA scrutiny, one can expect to end up in a mysterious fireball of a car crash. We are well on the way towards a totalitarian dictatorship and I see nothing but tyranny ahead of us. Keep getting “The Word” out to awaken as many as possible, the fight for our freedom is on.

  2. As long as he can shovel the bull like a used car salesman, there will always be people dumb enough to believe him, and then there are those who have put so much faith into his “hope and change” BS that they’re too ashamed to admit that they’ve been had by a crack smoking con-artist.

  3. And I’m sure the fact that the Russians are flying over our country, escorted by a few U.S. soldiers and spying on us Americans has nothing to do with the NWO/UN taking control of our country. Nope. Just another phoney scandal there, too.

    That Russian thing is just making me fuming since I read it last night. The idiots in this country.

    Seriously though, Russia could bomb a few cities in the U.S. and Obama would still say to the American people, “I know you are mad and outraged, but this is not a call for war. Also, this is a sensitive situation, so if you feel the need to fight back against the Russians who attacked you and your family, the police and military will use force in preventing you from doing so. The Russians will be dealt with by our own government using our own security forces. Getting involved will only hamper the efforts of America’s finest and put your family at risk of being in greater danger. You must trust the government. We are here to protect you. Thank you.”

    Meanwhile, the Russians will get away with their crimes, while the police are beating down the victims and then when they are witnessing the Russians committing the crimes right in front of them on the street, they will just stand down and do nothing. Typical. This is how the takeover of America will happen.

    And of course, the sheeple would follow Obama’s “Phoney” words, yet again. When will people ever take up arms and do what is right and stop listening to our “PHONEY” government? I’m getting sooooo irritated and annoyed at this point. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!

  4. NC,have you heard about the large white blimps,that will be above washinton d.c.they say that these blimps will be there to warn of incoming missles.i read that these same blimps will have 360 degree survielence covering the Washington area.it makes me wonder are the ptb starting to get nervous.knowing that we the people know full well what they have been doing to us and our nation.

    1. Yea I heard about that. It’s just their way of slowly implementing their UN/NWO Government over our country and nothing will change because no one will get up off their asses and do something about it.

      Everyday I just keep thinking of that line in the movie, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” said by John Turturro as Simmons:

      “Simmons: Years from now they’re going to ask us: where were you when they took over the planet? We’re gonna say: we stood by and watched.””

      And that’s exactly what is happening now in a nutshell. So sad.

  5. The only thing “phony” is the act this felonious bustard is conning America & the World with. The guy is a two faced criminal, his speeches are meaningless & promotes prosperity to the Zioturds. Debasing the Constitutional Rights of Americans gives him masturbatory pleasure.

  6. And I heard this morning – yes on ABC MSM – the obama is welcoming hillary c. to the whitehouse.

  7. When russian troops show up as “security” for any event…
    That should be the shot heard around the world.
    Fema, allowing foreign troops to be here for any reason,
    is an act of war upon the People, and this Republic.
    When they’re marched out for any reason …
    all bets are off…and this “Dagger War” needs to go HOT.

  8. I agree with Paraclete. HOT as LAVA!
    Any who arnt awake wont be. Everyday cops and military on the side of the people keep dwindling in numbers. We have enough evidence of crimes against the people. It is time to cut off supplies to tptb and set up some decoy fronts. Make them think they got some soft targets. Then flank them with video coverage of the assault. Rinse and repeat. Adapt. Advance.

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