Obama Bodyguard Found Dead After Having an Affair With a Foreign National

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 13: U.S. President Barack Obama waves to members of the news media as he walks across the South Lawn while departing the White House May 13, 2013 in Washington, DC. According to the White House, Obama is traveling to New York City to deliver remarks at two Democratic National Committee events at private residences and a joint Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee/Democratic Senate Campaign Committee event at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)IntelliHub – by Cassius Methyl

Employees for the government sometimes are required to inform the agency about relationships with foreign people, allegedly to confirm that the person is not a threat to ‘national security’. Apparently, one of Obama’s bodyguards, Rafael Prieto, had an affair, and killed himself for some reason while under investigation. His secret was revealed by other agents during their investigation for another sex scandal.  

Maybe the reason he killed himself was his marriage failing, or maybe it was something more complicated, such as what he saw working for the government, or what he learned. Maybe he was murdered, but that is not likely because it is difficult to force someone to sit in a car filling up with carbon dioxide. Maybe he was knocked unconscious first.

This may be noteworthy to provide insight into the behavior and mental complex of these employees of government; bodyguards, agents, officers. In some cases, the track record of these people is to be filled with prostitution, indulgence in alcohol and criminal behavior, etc. Earlier this year, 13 Secret Service agents were implicated in a prostitution scandal in Colombia.

This was what was under investigation, when the bodyguard who killed himself has his secret revealed. Officers and agents led prostitutes to their hotel after a long night of drinking and partying, possibly doing other drugs. An apparently self righteous and inconsiderate agent refused to pay a prostitute he used for sex, and he yelled at her in a hallway. The incident went public, and someone connected to Rafael essentially told on him.


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6 thoughts on “Obama Bodyguard Found Dead After Having an Affair With a Foreign National

  1. Was the affair he was having really with a foreign national, or is Obama killing off more of his boyfriends?

    That’ll teach him to “kiss and tell”.

    1. HaHaHa, Ya beat me one this one as I was just going to say the ame thing. I guess that obamas boy freind got caught two timeing/cheating on his comander in chief. LOL That or may his rubber lips turned into a bitter 🙂

  2. Let’s see, Federal judges smuggling and doing drugs, cops beating the shit out of people for no reason, Secret Service agents running prostitution rings, FBI and CIA creating fake terrorists plots and organizations, NSA spying and gathering information on every one and everything, Obama committing mass murderer and wasting taxpayers money on more vacations than I can count not just for him but on his dog, Congressmen who serve Zionist Israel……..

    I say F**K it! Skip the damn trials and hang ’em all for high treason and crimes against humanity! Hemp rope anyone?

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