Obama Care Collapses $$$

Published on Mar 16, 2016 by William Mount

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2 Responses to Obama Care Collapses $$$

  1. Enbe says:

    Obamacare was never about healthcare or sick care; it always was and still is about fleecing the public.

    Stanley’s bankster on South Park: And…poof…IT’S GONE!!!

  2. GeorgianbyChoice says:

    Agreed, Enbe, it was ALWAYS about control. That said, lets think about what this guy says for a minute. These folks daughter isn’t learning about ACA in college supposedly because it’s bankrupt and is going away. Yea, right. When, in the history of left-wing, socialist, dumb-a$$ed programs, has the government EVER discontinued a program because is didn’t work or was going broke?
    What is it the left always says, there are no failed programs, just programs needing more money to fix it. Yea Right!!! Just needs more money and the government (at this point that’s either side) can fix it. Obamacare, at this point, will never go away – no matter who is (s)elected. It’s here to stay because it is too good of a fleecing tool and a spying (data collection) tool.

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