Obama Declares Open Amnesty for Illegals

The treasonous soviet insurgent Barack Obama has, through the enactment of his executive dictate put into force January 1, 2012, invited any and every foreign national from around the world to come to the United States and take whatever they want from we the people.  The United States now has no immigration law and any state that tries to enforce its own laws is being attacked, using the very resources taken from those state citizens by the federal government.

In a shocking and unprecedented move last week, the Obama administration reversed the nation’s illegal immigration policy. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced new measures in dealing with illegal immigrants. Instead of accepting custody of illegal aliens for deportation, ICE will now only accept illegal immigrants who have been arrested, tried and convicted of a separate criminal offense. In short, illegal immigration is no longer considered a crime by the Federal government.            Source

Any hopes we the citizens had of peaceably removing the invaders are gone.  I see no way of reestablishing our will short of full blown revolution.  We must continue to support Dr. Ron Paul and go through the steps, but we must realize the process has been destroyed.

Studies say there are 11.9 million illegal aliens in our country.  Here is a list by state attesting to the illegal invaders’ occupation of our jobs.

To reiterate the drain on our welfare, schools, medical facilities, and other social networks would seem redundant but it cannot be denied that the situation is getting worse, day by day.

With this declaration of open amnesty, coinciding with the removal of troops from our southern borders, I think it is safe to say we can expect a new flood of invaders who will now not even be considered criminals in breaching our borders, carrying arms.  And of course I think we can expect a vibrant turnout of illegals voting in our 2012 election.

This has gone beyond a sneak attack.  We now face a full blown invasion.

You people here in the United States who think this invasion by the Pope’s peasant army is no big deal, well you are about to find out what it feels like to be occupied by foreign nationals who have been plotting revenge against you for more than a hundred years.  You are going to find out that those nice people working for La Raza (English translation – The Race) are in reality the leaders of the Mexican Klu Klux Klan, who put their right hand forth in friendship while holding a dagger in their left hand, which they fully intend to drive through your hearts.

If there is any justice it will be the crying liberals who are the first to be raped and murdered.  And considering the depth of their stupidity this would be nothing less than they deserve.

As for everybody else out there, I would strongly urge that you arm yourselves and prepare to defend your lives as there can be no doubt we have been betrayed absolutely.

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