Obama dismissed by Saudi King Abdullah?

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Obama was scheduled to have what was described as an “intimate” dinner with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia over the weekend, and stay the night in the Kingdom. Howvever the dinner abruptly ended, and Obama left Saudi Arabia after only two hours.

Was there a national emergency in Obama’s Final Four bracket?  

The objective of the visit was to  mend fences, and get the relationship between America and the Saudi’s back on track, so why the abrupt end?

Although the White House denies there was  dinner scheduled, apparently scrubbing all references to the soiree; there is some evidence still out there. It is rumored that

Obama Saudi visit

the Obama administration has even demanded the return of all materials related to the event from the media, like copies of the printed schedule. The White House has even deleted a tweet about the “intimate” dinner.

However, there remains a bit of evidence of the dinner that never was, and that abruptly ended as you can see from the screenshot of part of the AP story.

Here are two references from the lamestream media, and I suggest you monitor these as they will undoubtedly disappear soon, in the spirit of Obama-defined “transparency.”

Was Obama propositioned by King Abdullah? Or did the Saudi King simply dispatch Obama’s wimpy butt back to the U.S. We may never know.
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4 Responses to Obama dismissed by Saudi King Abdullah?

  1. joe (jstp) says:

    I find that hard to believe, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. When in hospital for back surgery and never recovered from it, was put on life support.

    Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah clinically dead: Report says:

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Well, they did manage to keep Osama bin Had alive for 10 years after he was killed.

      • STFB says:

        #1, these people are pikers compared to Broward County, Florida and Cook County, ILL – They’ve got voters still going for 50 years after death.

        • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

          Yeah, but those ‘people’ keep a ‘low’ profile (VERY ‘low’ profile. Horizontal, in fact).

          The other two were/(are?) internationally known, much more high profile, so it’s harder for them to stay off the so-called ‘media’ radar.

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