Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage for 1% of the Vote

The propagandists have been having a hay day in using the same sex marriage issue to divide the American people.  If you think about it, the gay issue can be used to divide us along two lines, one, the issue of gay and straight and then of course along religious lines.  Anyone who attacks the fact that the gay issue is being used as a political shill is automatically suspect of being a bigot.  There is just one thing everyone seems to be overlooking and that is May Day.

On the 1st of May the soviet socialist/communists of the United States came out into the streets in an effort to not only hijack the Occupy Movement, but to actually start a socialist revolution, which as everyone saw was a complete failure.  Why?  Because we Americans reject communism.

Now let’s take a look at the people who were out on the streets on May 1st.  There were the soviet socialist labor unions, the socialist illegal immigrants, and the socialist gays.  You see the gays are and have always been flaming socialists.

Under our Constitution we can do whatever we please so long as we are not infringing on the rights of another and it is this freedom that has allowed the gays to exist in our country.  But simply to exist is not enough for them.  This is why they embrace socialism.  Under socialism the gays can force their lifestyle into the mainstream and more importantly into our schools.  Think about it.  You cannot bring a Bible to a school in the United States but gays are brought in the classrooms to preach their perversions as normal human behavior.

Now I know everyone is going to call me homophobic and quite frankly I don’t care.  Open homosexuality has always been a part of the communist theology, and along with multiculturalism, has been shoved down our throats for the past thirty years.

Here is a shocker for you.  I, as a free national of the United States, have an absolute right to oppose homosexuality.  The gays are free to do as they please in the privacy of their own homes, but when they bring it out into the streets and in my face on the television in an attempt to force acceptance, I have a right to denounce and refuse acceptance.

I can reject the homosexuals just for the fact that they are socialists who would usher in communism to replace our Constitution.  This makes them an enemy of the Republic, as socialism and the collective power over the individual it represents is in its essence a violation of our Bill of Rights, which dictates individual equality to the extent that the wants of a thousand individuals cannot outweigh the rights of the one.

I have to believe that the majority out there are growing sick of hearing about the gays, however under our 1st Amendment there it is, and that’s okay.  But if we are to be forced to listen to this point of view, all other points of view in opposition have the same right to be heard.

The gays claim that there 4 million among their ranks which equates to 1% of our population.  Obama has come out in support of this 1% and in doing so is acquiring large sums of money from the socialist dominated Hollywood crowd and the news headlines that go along with it.  These news headlines, as previously mentioned, are being put up as a smoke screen to hide the 100 million unemployed who are going to decide the future of our country, either through an honest election, or open warfare.

The bottom line is to hell with the gays, if for no other reason than they are soviet socialists and an active part of the communist insurgency that is attempting to take over the United States and make us nothing more than another socialist state in the one world order.  When we take back this Republic, we will deport the gays, not because they are gay, but because they are socialist.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage for 1% of the Vote

  1. There are some parts of this article I agree with and some parts that I respectively disagree with. I never like stereotyping, it’s often flawed and many times leads to unfortunate consequences. A socialist is a socialist regardless of their sexual orientation. I really don’t know what to make of that last paragraph. Are you saying that if a man or woman is gay they are automatically “socialist” or “communist”? You are certainly free to hate anyone you like, but if you’re going to label people something they are not, then you don’t really have to worry about the propaganda machine dividing the people, articles with expressed hatred and bigotry will do the same thing.

    1. I don’t know whether all gays are socialist or not. What I do know is that socialism is a mechanism being used by gay collectives to force their lifestyle into the homes of non-gays and into our schools. I find these assertions bigoted as they put forth the idea that I should ignore every natural instinct and accept homosexuality or I am a bigot. If this is the measure of a bigot, than by God I am a bigot.
      I don’t care if people do it with little bunnies in the privacy of their own homes, but like I said, when they bring it out on the streets and shove it in my face, they are inviting retaliation. They are 1% of the population and I will be goddamned if I’m going to be pushed around by a minute minority. If they want to practice their lifestyle, let them do so without attacking and insulting mine.

      1. See, and that is where I totally agree with you! No one group’s agenda should ever be shoved down anyone else’s throat. It’s just not right to blame everyone in a group for the actions of some within that particular group. It’s like saying all blacks are welfare addicted communists, or that all Mormons are Romney worshippers, it’s just not true. That’s all I was trying to convey.

  2. Jesus is coming and satan knows it so he is rallying immorality everywhere.its really sad many people do not see that most homosexuals become sexually confused as a child as they are sexually molested&abused by someone close to them. No one is born homosexual. It is immoral,satanic & if not repented homosexuals will face eternity in hell just as all sin when not saved thru Jesus Christ’s grace of asking Jesus Christ’s forgiveness and constant process of repentance.Keep the marriage undefiled.

  3. most jewish men are gayer than ever, bc they disrespect women.

    the women are tired of these gay husbands, so they become lesbians.

    now and then, they feel guilty. so, they want you to accept them. otherwise they think you will kill them. there is no middle ground, after schul as warped their mind to become paranoid.

    the truth is, anybody can be gay. Rome, every man had a boy, and every woman had a romantic female lover. that was the norm. the more decadent, the more warped, the more violent, the more amoral, the more corrupt.

  4. “Socialist?” Often when I see that word, I suspect that the writer doesn’t know or care about the definition of terms, except to employ pejorative emotive force. But apart from that, I ask Henry Shively and Les Visible et al, haven’t you ever heard of the Log Cabin Republicans? Apparently not.

    1. Log Cabin Republicans? Those frickin socialists? You are one of them?
      I am not a Republican (Well I am right now. I changed about a month ago so I could vote for Ron Paul because Oregon has a closed primary. When I turned 18, I registered non partisan. Since 2010 I have changed my party affiliation a few times as it serves my purpose.) I am not a Democrat. I am an individual Freeman nationalist and I assure you I knows a socialist when I sees one.

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