Obama Flees USA, Hides Overseas! (Fugitive in French Polynesia)

Published on Apr 10, 2017 by Barry Soetoro

Obama flees the USA to evade “Project Dragnet” lawsuit!

Larry Klayman tries to serve Obama with court papers at Obama’s DC mansion – but Obama is hiding in French Polynesia!

Busted as America’s STASI Chief running “Project Dragnet” espionage against Trump and millions of citizens, Obama cannot remain in the USA for fear of getting dragged into court.

So instead of facing justice for treason, Obama grabs his Fake ID and flees halfway around the world to the remote island of Tahiti.

Like a Nazi hiding in Argentina, Obama won’t return until it’s safe….

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Obama – The Ultimate Temp:

Obama’s illegal mass surveillance skipped warrants and ignored the Constitution to collect bank and phone records of millions of Americans. Spying on Trump by wiretapping Trump Tower was just the beginning.

5 thoughts on “Obama Flees USA, Hides Overseas! (Fugitive in French Polynesia)

  1. We “supposedly” went all the way to Pakistan for Ben laden ..so whats the hold up?

    we’ve ( Us Goons) have stepped into plenty of worldly shit holes to drag out the criminal element , where he is at location wise , is irrelevant… why hes not getting picked up ..is NOT irrelevant , and if he is truly a fugitive ..the USA recognizes no borders when it comes to any other criminal

    maybe a private Contractor needs to step in and shame the government into doing its job..pussy ass Obama isn’t going to put up any fight, all he has the balls for is to run

    1. “We “supposedly” went all the way to Pakistan for Ben laden ..so whats the hold up?”

      EXACTLY! I guess since he’s not on the elite’s fake Terror list, then we don’t need to go and get him.

      Oh wait. Maybe we can just vote on having him picked up or picked off by a sniper. Isn’t that how America works? You know, good ole democracy? You know, our vote matters.

      Oh wait. I’m still living in fantasy world.

    1. ditto that……I can only hope his plane is equipped with the uninterruptible auto pilot and the right person gets hold of that button! haha

  2. Perhaps there are hungry sharks in those Polynesian waters that might not be too distressed by consuming Obummer and defecating his remains into the briny drink.

    One can hope, can’t one?

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