Obama Gives Bush “Absolute Immunity” For Everything

Common Dreams – by Abby Zimet

Days before Bradley – now Chelsea – Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for helping expose U.S. war crimes in Iraq, the Obama Department of Justice filed a petition in federal court arguing that the perpetrators of those crimes – Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al – enjoy “absolute immunity” against criminal charges or civil liability.  

The filing came in a suit brought by Sundus Shaker Saleh, an Iraqi single mother and refugee now living in Jordan, who alleges that the planning and waging of the Iraq war under false pretenses constituted a “crime of aggression” under a law used in the Nuremberg trials. With neither Congress nor Obama willing to hold Bush & Co. accountable for the Iraq catastrophe, supporters see the suit as a last-chance tactic to force the issue back into the public eye – an effort the Obama adminstration clearly opposes. More, all dispiriting, on the increasingly flawed Bush-Obama-lesser-of-two-evils thesis, and the current culture of impunity.


15 thoughts on “Obama Gives Bush “Absolute Immunity” For Everything

  1. Blair is the weak link here and I think the way to get Bush is to nail Blair first and force Blair to shift the blame and give the American people cause for indictment.

    Obama can give Bush immunity all he likes, the ICC isn’t under the control of Obama and Bush or Blair can be tried in absentia making Bush or Blair a fugitive if that ever came to pass, it is believed Iraq will one day seek indictment at the ICC.

    Try and remember back to how Bush flipped the bird at the world by using virtually identical wording as cause to invade Iraq as Hitler used to pre-emptively invade Norway, the Germans were found guilty on all counts over Norway so the legal precedence under US law is there already.

  2. you just wonder how these criminals…mentioned in this article, including Obama are ever going to get their due!
    All of them act as though they….Did Nothing, Saw nothing, Own everything,including the US Treasury, have their own private military,i.e.us military, answer to no one and will live forever….
    Their due is coming. Some how….perhaps Blair is the weak link!
    The whole world can’t wait…all of us have waited ….now its time for other powers to act….against these lowest of mankind.

  3. Obama and Bush are put in the presidency by their Zionist Bankers and serve their Jew puppetmasters interests first and foremost. Back in his day, Bush would go through his “to do list” like start a war in Iraq, then crack a beer and do a couple lines of cocaine. Obama, he does the same thing with the “to do list”, however, Obama doesn’t crack a beer, he just does the crack and goes trolling for a sword swallowing encounter. I’ll bet those “Torture video” gatherings are more stimulating than a bachelor party with pornos.

  4. So now, maybe when “W” is old and decrepit, he can start wearing crazy looking socks and try to be remembered for that.
    These people(if you can call them that) actually believe that they will find a way to live forever. Why do you think the markets are flooded with all these “fountain of youth” products, medicines, and procedures? Not for the benefit of humanity. These products are failures and they’ve moved on to the next possible miracle of modern science…funded by those who purchase the proven defunct products which are “new” to everyone else.
    For now, they believe they will be reincarnated into the same family so that they will benefit from all their past-life efforts to rule the world. I’m not makin’ this up, this is their mentality. This is “their” religion and it is ancient. “They” believe that MAN is GOD!!! How they duke it out over which MAN will rule?…who knows. Maybe that’s why they all have to sleep with one eye open.
    How did they get where they are??? We all voted them in with our wallets. Remember, That is the Only vote that counts in this world.
    Obama is not the one the Bushes'(and the rest of them) need to be pardoned by. We will ALL pay our dues.

    1. Voting? You must be smoking crack if you think for 1 minute that voting can change anything other than the “puppets” in Washington and all of the State Houses. I compare it to buy buying Chinese merchandise, like the Great Carlin posed, “garbage in, garbage out!”

      1. You misunderstood…I said, “We all voted them in with OUR WALLETS.” Politicians are “appointed” by those who own the corporations. Now, where do you think those who own the corporations got all their money and power? From us, ‘we the people.’ Because we bought all their crap. They made sure that “their” merchandise was the only thing to eat, drink, wear, use, watch, hear, drive, etc. They created society and instilled this “stamp of approval” we all seem to need by “keeping up with the Jones,” so to speak. People use to live by the Bible…well most of the people. America flourished then. Look at us now. Remember, as someone greater than Carlin once said…”You will know them by their fruits.” Ask. Seek. Knock.

        1. j g……true!
          a culture of people who have morals,can truely get itself some place good. morals, such as are in the better parts of the bible!!,,,,forget the old testament as that belongs to the jews…and look at that sorry lot, on following those morals.
          Christ though, lit the right path on morals…problem is throughout the centuries, so many christians….conveniently forgot…one of the more basic of his morals….
          thou shall not kill…..and when that is left out.you get the horror that has now become our own land….THE USA….
          In the latter 1960’s I was thrown into Nam..
          I know what it is like to be “THERE’
          Its very sad to me, that young people are sucked into joining our “worlds largest death squad” the us military……..this is an offensive force, not a defensive force…….
          I don’t have the answer to it all. i certainly do not…..

  5. Remember when a presidential pardon meant something! Remember when Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon for the Watergate fiasco? Nixon took full responsibility and resigned (in disgrace), then after the dust settled Ford pardoned him which was good because you almost felt sorry for the guy. Today you have a president like our Fruitcake Emperor signing off on executive orders as if they were Christmas greeting cards and pardoning Cheney and Rummy the dummy who lied, started a major war and profited from it. It’s a joke.

    1. “oUR Fruitcake Emperor, singing off on Executive Orders, as if they were Christmas Greeting Cards….”
      Another great line….on comments……for this piece….
      Too bad, the Russians haven’t provided a poison pen for him to use!
      OH..He suddenly had an accidental over dose of ink!

  6. Laws are written to benefit and protect those who above the law. same as Obamacare does not apply to CONgress who passed the law.

    Some are more equal than others.

  7. “Obama Gives Bush “Absolute Immunity” For Everything”….and wants him to be his boyfriend forever.

    This is probably the result of those two homos spending a little time in the sack together, but it’s anyone’s guess which one was on the bottom.

  8. He may have immunity here in the U.S., but not world wide. He is already a wanted man in other countries as a war criminal. So are Rumsfeld and Chaney.

    . . .

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