Obama in trouble!

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Obama’s first electoral campaign was “Change”. The democratic candidate has come after George W. Bush who led two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush’s era costed the American people a lot. Not only Soldiers were returned home in coffins, but also the war costed the US treasury trillions of Dollars.

The main aim of Iraq’s invasion was acquiring the country’s oil and the US-British alliance succeeded to obtain the oil via Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum and Shell, but this huge wealth is actually pumped for Petroleum companies.  

During Obama’s first electoral campaign, he announced a safe withdrawal from Iraq and he loudly crapped Bush’s doctrine of wars.

In fact, the US president changed Bush’s doctrine from direct military invasion including ground forces’ involvement into drones strikes which can be controlled from Nevada and most importantly with no distinguish between al-Qaeda groups and a wedding in Afghanistan, for example.

The Western alliance is usually “talkative” about ‘human rights’ and ‘War Crimes’, meanwhile, the same alliance has committed documented war crimes, for example, Abu Ghraib scandal still reminding us of sexual assaults and torture against Iraqi prisoners on behalf of fake and glamorous statements such as ‘Freedom Values’ and ‘Free Nation’ etc..

In the same context, The US spokesman frequently describes the Syrian Crisis as ‘Civil War’, so basically the U.S. administration, by military and political means, support one side in Syria against the other instead of maintaining the World Peace. Furthermore, The US government has not introduced a clear evidence to convict Syrian government for using chemical weapons.

Most political analysts –as I understand– believe that the presumed American Strike will not dramatically undermine the Syrian government, but they plan to ‘open the road’ for Syrian opposition to defeat Syrian government which, unlike former Iraq’s Saddam, has regional allies as well as international supporters in Moscow and Beijing.

The ambitious black lawyer who graduated from Harvard and holding Noble prize for Peace will sign another American/Western War.


Mohammad Tomazy

Mohammad Tomazy, MD and Blogger. I work in primary health care, and I blog as an alternative media on the Arab World to expose beyond the News Agenda, and to empower political knowledge on the Arab world, also to offer and share blogging advises.


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